Servant Season 4 Episode 3 release date, time and where to watch

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We discuss predictions for the Apple TV+ series Servant Season 4 Episode 3, giving the release date and where to watch it online.

Leanne summoned a plague of pigeons first episode of season 2, while she spiced up the second with an infestation of bed bugs. The runaway nanny seems inseparable from all this madness, yet showrunners continue to keep things rather vague. The question arises whether she does all this or not? In the meantime, Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) is bedridden by her injuries and struggling with a psychotic Leanne (Nell Tigerfree). It’s another intense part that feels like preparing for a disastrous showdown to come. Here’s what happened servant Season 2 Episode 2:

  • Leanne forces Sean to go to work so she can be closer to Dorothy. Of course, Dorothy wants nothing to do with Leanne. This leads to a long battle that builds up throughout the day. First, Dorothy tells Leanne to go away, so Leanne confiscates Dorothy’s phone and TV remote.
  • Dorothy is itchy all over and Leanne suggests switching her meds. She starts feeding Dorothy and the mother spits the food onto Leanne’s shoes. Leanne retaliates by showing Dorothy a blanket she made from all of Jericho’s old clothes. Dorothy is heartbroken over this so-called gift.
  • Julian is confused by his relationship with Leanne. He doesn’t know whether they should stay together or not, but then secretly sniffs her clothes.
  • Leanne apologizes for the blanket and brings Jericho with her as a peace offering. Though she continues to manipulate the situation, she orders Dorothy to eat her meal before holding Jericho down. A controlling Leanne takes Jericho with his mother after a minute. Dorothy screams her hatred at Leanne.
  • Feeling guilty, Leanne returns Dorothy’s phone. She immediately contacts Sean and Kourtney, who rush to the house.
  • The gang discovers that the neighborhood is infested with bed bugs. Julian and Sean try to book an exterminator, but they’re tight.
  • Leanne shaves Dorothy’s legs while she sleeps. Upon waking up, Dorothy argues with Leanne and cuts her leg. Leanne tries to put lipstick on Dorothy and she bites her. Leanne retaliates by forcing Dorothy to use a bedpan. Dorothy hits Leanne in the face with the full bedpan. Leanne retaliates by stripping Dorothy of all her clothes and sheets.
  • Leanne asks why Dorothy doesn’t like her anymore. She explains that she realized how evil she is. Leanne says that Dorothy’s close friends and family love Dorothy, but they fear Leanne. This explains why Sean does what Leanne says and why Julian is afraid to get intimate again.
  • Dorothy and Kourtney hire nurses to help fight Leanne’s intrigues. Leanne is furious when she finds out, but is able to control herself.

Release date and time of Servant Season 4 Episode 3

Episode 3 of Season 4 is scheduled for release on Friday, January 27, 2023 on Apple TV+. The release time is 12:00 PM PT. Episode 3 is titled “Seance” and will run for 32 minutes.

where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch servant Season 4 Episode 3 with a Apple TV subscription+ on the above date.


  • If we believe that Leanne caused the pigeon attack and bed bug infestation, then it is obvious that she is a powerful being capable of much more. Dorothy has chosen to fight this super-powered woman on her own terms. This can’t end well for Dorothy and the family.
  • Uncle George is in town after discovering Leanne’s latest outbreak. He will attempt to reason with Leanne while either attempting to subdue her or persuade her to return to the Church.
  • Julian worries about his relationship with Leanne. If he rejects her, she will either manipulate him or punish him terribly.
  • Dorothy’s new nurses seem both protective and supportive. I imagine Leanne will try to get rid of these old ladies in her own screwed up way.

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