Shania Twain Breaks Down Some Of Her Most Iconic Fashion Moments Over The Decades

Not that there was ever a doubt, though Shania Twain still has it.

Shortly after releasing her first single since 2017, she called “wake up and dream” The queen of pop country sat down with Bustle to break down some of her most iconic looks throughout her career.

And I don’t even know how they narrowed it down…she has a lot of it, that’s for sure. Next to Dolly Partonit’s hard to imagine that a country artist could be so well known for his impeccable fashion and taste, aside from music.

Let’s take a look at some of her favorites:

1993: Shania Twain album cover

Shania began the meltdown with the cover art of her self-titled debut album, released in 1993.

The album cover shows her in the snow next to a real fire, with a real wolf, because she wanted to introduce herself to the world as the authentic Canadian she is:

“Early on in my recording career I felt it was really important to be my most authentic self and introduce myself to the public as the Northern Canadian girl that I am.

So I wanted to do a photo shoot in the snow, which I spent a lot of my youth doing. And I’m wearing my mukluks that my grandmother made me and some kind of matching winter coat. And believe me it was very cold so I needed it. And that’s a real wolf, and that’s a real fire.

And which, believe me, doesn’t usually have real fire in photoshoots, so I wanted it to be very authentic, and it really was.”

1995: Any Man Of Mine music video.

Of course, we all remember the all-denim outfit she wore in this video (which is actually called a Canadian tuxedo), and she joked, saying that she loved that shoot so much because she’s still her 24-inch -waist had:

“I love this video because I still had a 24 inch waist. My waist is girded, it was the high waist back then. The wardrobe came straight out of my own closet, the denim vest and the jeans.

The little tank top underneath, the ribbed one, and I just took the scissors and cut it off because I figured I need to enjoy my waistline in this video.”

If so, flaunt it, Shania…

She also loves horses and has borrowed actress Bo Derek’s chaps for part of her wardrobe, which is pretty cool:

1999: “That Doesn’t Impress Me Much” music video.

Possibly one of her most iconic looks of all time, all Shania remembers is that she loved leopards and wanted her stylist to create a full leopard outfit for this video.

It was also the first time she wore a wig in a video:

“This video is probably one of the greatest learning experiences I have ever had making a video and working with the fashion designer on the fashion of how I would move in the clothes.

I wanted it to be stretchy, I love leopard prints so we settled on leopard print stretch velvet fabric. And we adorned it with lots of red, ruby ​​red, so I wanted the lip to match the matching ruby ​​red.

And this is the first video I’ve ever worn with a wig, so that was really fun, if you thought it was my real hair, it’s not.”

1993: “Man! I feel like a woman” music video

Shania, another of her greatest outfits, said she wanted a very specific look for this shoot and opted for a menswear-inspired getup to have a more literal take on the song:

“Marc Bouwer designed and sewed it himself, even the corset, the short, handmade boots, all that beautiful satin and the high collar.

And what I wanted for that, I wanted a very masculine presence of my femininity in the video and I wanted it to be more literal. I wanted men’s shirt, short skirts, it was a very tiring video, but the clothes were so tight.

I learned another good lesson doing this video because there wasn’t any stretch in the satin or corset, I think the idea of ​​it’s supposed to hold you down and push you up, but I really struggled with that.”

2022: Coachella performance with Harry Styles

Shania entered the stage with pop star Harry Styles at Coachella last year, both wearing outfits all over sequins.

Apparently it wasn’t even planned, but of course they nailed the outfits and the appearance, which Shania says is one of the highlights of her life:

“Okay. I mean, that’s one of my biggest highlights ever because I’m on stage with Harry Styles and we’re singing ‘Man! I feel like a woman.’

And we look like we fit the fashion before, but we didn’t. I asked him beforehand, I said, ‘What are you wearing?’ You know how everyone would. And he never got back to me with the final look and I picked this one.

And it was perfect with Harry! And I really love this little throwback. It’s kind of Mick Jagger-ish. So we were on the same page in every way.”

I can only hope to one day be in my 50s and still rock a sequin dress like her:

Shania also spoke about the white dress she wore to the 1999 Grammys, the pink faux-skin outfit at the 1999 CMA Awards, her residency at Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas in 2012, and her look for her 2003 Super Bowl halftime appearance.

You can watch the country and fashion icon break down all of her iconic looks here: Shania Twain Breaks Down Some Of Her Most Iconic Fashion Moments Over The Decades

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