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Lena Marcella Medina, who was just five years and seven months old when she was born, has been officially recognized as the youngest mother in history. Lena’s birthday is September 23, and she was born on this day in the year 1033 in Peru. Her mother, who was named Victoria LaSaia and worked as a housewife, and her father, who was named Tiberella Medina and worked as a silversmith, belonged to what appeared to be a humble family who kept them from this family.

Her parents discovered abnormal abdominal swelling when she was between five and six months old. At first glance, they thought it might be some kind of tumor, but they would never have guessed in a million years that Lena was actually seven months pregnant when she received the diagnosis from Doctor Gerardo from Los Angeles.

At first, the parents could not even imagine that their daughter could be pregnant at such a young age, and they thought that Dr. Gerardo makes a fool of himself. Because of this, they decided to take Leana to a specialist, and the doctor finally confirmed the initial diagnosis. Is it rape? Or maybe something even grosser?

After learning this information, the doctor contacted the authorities, who promptly arrested Lina’s father as the prime suspect. Tiberello was questioned by the police for a week, but in the end they had to let him go as they lacked enough evidence that the child’s biological father had fathered the child. The second suspect was Lina’s cousin, who is said to have mental health issues. These problems led authorities to believe he was capable of doing so.

To commit such a terrible act. However, the police could not prosecute him as the father of Lena’s child because they lacked the necessary evidence in the presence of Lena’s mother. Police officers interviewed Lena to elicit information about whether she remembered being assaulted or raped.

Once again, police had no leads that could point them to a possible suspect or suspects. While the young woman was extremely confused about everything that happened to her. Since it was neither evidence nor leads, the authorities decided to drop the case. According to the author of Lewis Leon, who wrote an article on the case, there were regular religious festivals in many remote villages in Peru that led to group sex or even rape, and that these festivals included minors or children at such a young age as Lena .

The article was published in the New York Times. It was believed that Lena was actually raped at one of these bizarre and sick festivals. This is the most likely explanation for her case as there are no other convincing theories. Lena’s young age and her body’s inability to support pregnancy meant that the only option for her to have a child was by caesarean section.

That was Lena’s only option. It was full of dangers that could have endangered their lives. When Lina was eight months pregnant and her parents were being pressured by the media, Lena’s mother revealed that her daughter had her first menstrual period when she was three years old. It was later discovered by medical professionals that she suffered from a condition known as precocious puberty, which meant her sex organs were able to develop at a very young age.

Precocious puberty is caused when the glands that secrete growth and sex hormones begin to function abnormally early in life, leading to this condition. The exact factors that led to the development of this disease are not yet known. Lena’s young organism was considered underdeveloped at the time, which meant that it could not provide the baby with the nutrients it needed to develop during the nine-month pregnancy.

The maternity ward doctors knew the baby was very likely to have major problems because they knew the baby was likely to have major problems. The baby was born on Mother’s Day, May 14, 1939, at a perfect weight of 2.7 kilos and, thanks to a miracle, in perfect health.

Coincidentally, it was also a healthy birth, a name inspired by Lena’s doctor who helped her through labor, and the child was given birth. The name is Gerardo Medina. The identity of the father is still unknown to this day. So the mystery continues. Lena was without a doubt another defenseless young person who fell victim to sexual predators.

Even worse is the fact that such things still happen in modern times. As Lina’s mother and granddaughter grew up, Lina’s parents did their best to give both of them a normal childhood by describing the relationship between Lina’s daughter and her granddaughter. It’s great that Lina’s parents have kept their privacy and refrained from capitalizing on their daughter’s unusual situation to make money.

Lena’s case aroused the curiosity of a large number of scientists and medical professionals, who therefore expressed a desire to examine both Lina and her child. Again, Lina’s parents refused, citing their desire to provide their daughter with a typical upbringing. Lina, who is 87 years old today and in excellent health, is still with us today. Because the public has respected the Medina family’s desire for privacy over the past several decades, there is not much information available about Gerardo Medina.

What exactly is precocious puberty when a child’s body transforms into an adult too early? This condition is called precocious puberty. Precocious puberty is when the onset of puberty in girls before the age of eight and in boys before the age of nine, changes in body shape and size, rapid growth of bones and muscles, and the development of the body’s reproductive capacity are all parts of the process, known as puberty.

In many cases, the reason for precocious puberty cannot be pinpointed. In extremely rare cases, precocious puberty can be caused by a variety of diseases, including infections, hormonal imbalances, tumors, brain abnormalities, or accidents. Drugs that slow down further development are often an integral part of treatment for precocious puberty. symptoms. The onset of the following signs and symptoms in women before the age of 8 and in boys before the age of 9 is considered precocious puberty.

The onset of breast development and first menses in young women, the development of larger testicles and penis, as well as facial hair and a deeper voice and voice. Hair in the pubic or armpit area Rapid growth Acne Body odor in adults When should you see a doctor?

If you notice that your child is showing signs or symptoms of precocious puberty, you should make an appointment with your child’s GP to have your child evaluated. Causes Understanding what triggers the onset of puberty is helpful in understanding what causes precocious puberty. In some children, the formation of a.

The hormone known as gynodotropin releasing hormone starts in the brain and is the first step in this process. Gnrh. When this hormone reaches the pituitary gland, which is a small stalk-shaped gland located at the base of your brain, it stimulates the production of more hormones in the ovaries, estrogen, and testicles.

testosterone in men and women. Estrogen plays a role in the maturation and formation of female sex characteristics. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for male sex characteristics growing and developing over time. Whether a child has central precocious puberty or peripheral precocious puberty determines why this process begins early. For some adolescents who start in mid-puberty, it is common not to determine the reason for this form of precocious puberty.

The process of puberty begins too early in those who have central precocious puberty. Otherwise, the sequence of the procedural phases and their timing is regular. In the vast majority of cases of children with this condition, there is neither an underlying medical problem nor an identifiable cause for the onset of puberty at an earlier age. In extremely unusual circumstances, central precocious puberty could be caused by a tumor developing in either the brain or the central nervous system of the spinal cord. A problem in the brain that is present at birth, e.g. B. a collection of.

Extra fluid or a tumor that is not cancerous. Exposure of the brain or spinal cord to radiation traumatic brain or spinal cord injury. McCune-Albright Syndrome is an extremely rare inherited disorder that causes hormonal changes. In addition to affecting bone and skin color, a cluster of inherited disorders characterized by abnormal hormone production by the adrenal glands at birth is known as congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

Hypothyroidism is a condition that occurs when the thyroid is unable to produce an adequate amount of hormones that are only visible at the periphery. This type of early puberty is caused by the presence of estrogen or testosterone in your child’s body. The far rarer form of peripheral precocious puberty develops without the involvement of the hormone in your brain that is typically responsible for initiating puberty.

Instead, the problem is that the body’s ovaries, testicles, adrenal glands, or pituitary gland are not functioning properly, resulting in the release of estrogen, or testosterone, into the bloodstream. The following are some of the possible causes of peripheral precocious puberty in both girls and boys. A tumor that develops in the pituitary or adrenal glands and causes the production of estrogen or testosterone. She gives birth at the age of 5, then the doctor burst into tears when he discovered that… – Women after 40

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