Sincerely, the ending explained – Is Isabel still alive?

We’re discussing the ending of the 2023 Netflix film Faithfully Yours, which will contain spoilers.

When it comes to naughty thrillers, Netflix knows how to deliver. Even if most of their series or films are generic and perfectly conform to convention, these projects are self-confident. That’s exactly why these risqué thrillers do so well.

With kindest regards Everyone lies to each other about the unexpected predicament the characters find themselves in.

In With kindest regards, two best friends, Bodil (Bracha van Doesburgh) And Isabel (Elise Schaap), who appear to be happily married, sneak into secret affairs and use each other as cover. But when Isabel is murdered when they should have been together, Bodil becomes entangled in her own web of lies.

Sincerely end explained

It is interesting to see the spiral Bodil continues after Isabel’s death, trying to cover her own tracks as well. As the story progresses, people learn more about the case and even the husbands get involved.

What happened to Isabel?

When Bodil returns to the house where she and Isabel live after the argument with Michael, with whom she was having an affair, she sees blood all over the floor. First she noticed it on the man’s shirt outside, and then there was a trail of broken glass near the stairs.

Isabel is married to Luuk and investigators find a picture of Isa dead with her throat cut. There was also a message from the alleged killer that read “Mission Accomplished.”

Did Isabel cheat?

The plot thickens when they find footage from the hotel showing Isabel in the hallway with another woman. They kiss, and when they break up on camera, they realize it’s Bodil’s sister, Yara. They planned to run away together and leave everything behind, but she obviously felt guilty about leaving her husband.

Once they find the camera footage, it is also revealed that Milan was watching Bodil via webcam in his own home. Eventually, Bodil finds the camera by clicking the icon on the computer and finds a file showing her infidelity. She now feels hurt by all these videos and her husband is watching her every move.

Who Killed Isabel?

An author’s ego can be worked into the story in the most cliched way. Luuk is conveniently writing a book, using the name of his main protagonist, Zadkin, to cover his tracks when he killed Isabel. It’s quite disturbing that a husband would go to the trouble of killing his wife for infidelity the same way he killed her.

Also, Bodil finds out and Luuk actually goes through his entire plan with her and is mad at her for ruining his plan. After an argument between the two over Luuk trying to kill her, she surprises him and manages to drown him.

Is Isabel still alive?

The answer is yes. And one that no one saw coming. After the police close the case and Bodil is released in self-defense, she plans to escape for a while. She heads to the airport to find her sister, but there she finds that Isabel is still alive.

Bodil is in shock and Isabel explains that everything was staged from the start because Isabel wanted to be with Yara so bad that she faked her own death to get rid of Luuk.

What do you think of the ending of the 2023 Netflix film Faithfully Yours? Comment below. Sincerely, the ending explained – Is Isabel still alive?

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