Snabba Cash season 2 review


Snabba Cash‘s second season feels disappointingly repetitive, as the characters seem to have learned nothing and the show runs through a superficial story we’ve seen too many times.

This review of Netflix’s Snabba Cash Season 2 is spoiler-free.

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Netflix Snabba Cash was a solid entry into the crowded crime genre, adapting respected source material and providing a welcome unique take on the tropes played. It ran through six episodes that for once didn’t feel enough, building to a conclusion that left fans wanting more.

Well, now they have more – and they may have spoken too soon. Running for another six episodes, this second season feels very much like a retread of the first, slowing the pace with repetitive subplots and character beats, and watching the same characters make the same mistakes over and over again gets boring surprisingly quickly .

So it feels more like a redo than a sequel, with things that don’t seem to have learned any lessons in the meantime. The title’s easy money once again proves to be everyone’s undoing, and actions continue to have consequences to be reckoned with at this point. It’s difficult for Leya to come back in a slightly more glamorous and ambitious form after her last-minute maneuvering in the Season 1 finale, as she’s so clearly wielding the shovel digging her grave.

And the thrill in this so-called thriller falls by the wayside and instead shifts into a glacier drama, the end of which is hardly in sight. Season 1’s well-observed details give way to a gnarly, unnecessarily convoluted storytelling that quickly becomes a chore to sift through, especially without a relatable anchor to hold on to. The lack of someone to stand up for isn’t a death knell for the fiction, although people insist on it all the time, but other elements of the production have to fill that gap. They don’t do that here. The intersection of crime and start-up entrepreneurship remains a compelling backdrop, but all involved seem at a loss as to how to steer a venture some of them have been involved with their entire lives.

Maybe that doesn’t sound true because the show insists on characterizing what the players don’t have, what they need, rather than who they are and what their true values ​​might be. There is an undeniable cultural appeal to the drug business that is not addressed here, with not even a token acknowledgment of how pop culture’s glorification of illegality makes it appealing to youth.

It just makes the whole thing feel empty, as if it’s twirling through genre movements for its own sake, with no idea how to make the beaten terrain more appealing for retreading. Spelling is inconsistent, and stylistic quirks are picked up and dropped on a whim without serving any purpose in their use. After a very respectable first season, it’s abysmal to find the second so content as a dismal reflection of its success.

You can stream Snabba Cash Season 2 exclusively on Netflix.

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