Soldiers of Misfortune Season 1 Episode 6 Summary and Ending Explained


The finale removes the plot and raises some meaningful questions about the war effort.

Here’s our synopsis of the Netflix anime Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune Season 1 Episode 6, which includes major spoilers and explains the ending.

At the end of a thrilling sci-fi action anime series, many will question the moral of the story. After all, yakitori don’t count as lifeforms (as we soon find out in the finale). What does this mean for war? Is that metaphorical for the way we use soldiers and later drones in the world today?

Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune season 1 ends with many meaningful questions. There is a grain of truth behind it.

Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune Season 1 Episode 6 Summary

The finale begins with a news report. Indiscriminate bombings reportedly occurred on the planet Barka, and the Trade Federation military was accused of terrorism and genocide. It is stated that court-martials will be underway.

Why is K321 arrested?

Episode 6 then switches to unit K321; They were arrested. They are the scapegoats for what happened on the planet Barka and are accused of genocide after ordering an orbital bombardment.

Episode 6 moves into the future. Vasa Pupkin bought Akira rotisserie chicken. Pupkin tells Akira that human soldiers were originally called “Turkey,” a wry term for Americans’ love of the Thanksgiving sacrificial animal. Pupkin explains that human soldiers are treated as equipment, which becomes an important clue later in the episode.

What happens before the court martial?

The finale will be brought before the court-martial a week after the attack on the planet Barka. K231 are tied up and put in the high tech yard. Akira is angry that they are being made the scapegoats for cleaning up the mess for the Trade Federation.

Vasa Pupkin visits the tribunal – he is there as a witness. Prosecutors begin their attack, claiming that the people tried to take part in the genocide. Pupkin appears to throw unit K321 under the bus.

The defense attorney asks the court whether Pupkin qualifies as a witness given his heavy involvement. He questions the trials and the reason for the trial before a military court.

Why are Akira and K321 freed?

The defense then asks the court who the accused are. He points out that yakotiri are legally classified as “equipment”. Pupkin smiles. You have found a loophole in the law. The defense turns against the prosecution and questions their duty in court. Pupkin then confirms that he did not program his soldiers to learn military rules and military engagement. The defense states that the person who ordered the equipment was to blame. The cats are the ones who gave the orders.

K231 will be released due to this legal loophole and no longer scapegoated for genocide.

Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune season 1 ending explained

Afterwards, Pupkin thanks K321, but Akira punches him. Pupkin smiles and Akira soon learns that he thought of the legal loophole, that it’s just equipment and therefore can’t be charged.

Pupkin has another mission for her; a long study session on the planet Mars to receive the necessary training. K321 are unsafe; They have provided strenuous training on Mars before.

The episode ends with K321 on a diplomatic mission to secure a target on planet Earth. This series has the makings of a second part.

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