Solo travelers reveal the best things about vacationing alone

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Solo travelers shared the best things about vacationing alone — including eating when and where you want, not having to compromise, and taking your time to explore.

A study of 2,000 adults found that two-thirds have traveled alone, with 37 percent preferring to travel with others.

Making your own decisions was high on the list of benefits, while feeling free and going to bed when you wanted were also included.

Others like not having to put up with annoying habits like snoring and groaning from fellow travelers and not having the risk of drama or fallout.


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While 39 percent feel vacationing alone allowed them to step out of their comfort zone, and 34 percent said they learned a lot about themselves.

It also found that the top reasons for going it alone were simply taking a break (33 percent) and pampering yourself (30 percent).

And 17 percent booked a vacation to find themselves again after a breakup.

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Gary Anslow, Head of UK & Ireland Business Norwegian cruise linewho commissioned the study, said: “We can see from the survey that enjoying the beauty of travel at your own pace allows for a truly authentic experience and encourages self-discovery and growth.

“Plus, meeting other solo travelers can even lead to long-lasting friendships.”

The study, conducted via OnePoll, also found that of the 34 percent who are not already traveling alone, 18 percent would like to do so.

A cruise (19 percent), a relaxing getaway (28 percent) and a city trip (27 percent) are at the top of their wish lists.

Reasons for wanting to experience a solo journey included doing something good for yourself (43 percent), taking a break from reality (38 percent), and proving to yourself and others that you can do it (26 percent ).


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Looking ahead, 31 percent of those who have traveled alone have booked another solo trip for 2023.

It also found that independent jetsetters took an average of four trips alone popular destinations including France (16 percent), Spain (14 percent) and Italy (13 percent).

Outside of Europe, they have visited North America (10 percent), Australia (10 percent) and Africa (nine percent).

But many still enjoy socializing with fellow holidaymakers, with 29 percent claiming they are still good friends with fellow travelers they met on holiday.

Top 40 Perks of Solo Travelers According to Travelers:

  1. Make your own decisions
  2. Do what you want to do, when you want to do it
  3. Eat where or what you want
  4. Plan your day without anyone else having to think about it
  5. Feel free
  6. To do with what you want all day long
  7. Take your time to explore
  8. Do anything you want to do
  9. Spend as much or as little money on what you want
  10. Not having to go somewhere just because someone else wants to
  11. You can be as sociable or as anti-social as you like
  12. Go to bed when you want
  13. No need to compromise
  14. No waiting for others to get ready/go out for the day
  15. Not having to commit to social plans with others
  16. No annoying habits like e.g. B. snoring, whining over long distances etc
  17. Free time for reflection or contemplation
  18. Shopping without feeling like you’re lugging someone else around
  19. Get out of your comfort zone
  20. Wake up when you want
  21. Watch what you want, like spending a night watching TV
  22. No drama or failures
  23. Not having to be somewhere at a certain time
  24. Increased self-confidence
  25. be adventurous
  26. Meet new people / other solo travelers
  27. to be his true self
  28. Feeling less stressed than traveling with others
  29. Learn to navigate yourself
  30. More cost efficient
  31. No need to share a bathroom
  32. nap whenever you want
  33. Read without a break
  34. Only carry your own bags/things
  35. Book group tours and meet others
  36. silence
  37. improve your language skills
  38. Tick ​​things off your bucket list
  39. get freebies
  40. Not having to be someone else’s photographer

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