Some Bozo At Glacier National Park Tries His Hardest To Get Railroaded By A Bighorn Sheep

The outright stupidity of some people is truly unbelievable.

You’d think that three bison attacks in one week in Yellowstone National Park would be enough to make people think:

“Hmm, I should probably stay away from those creatures, as the park dictates.”

Damn, a woman has sent to prison last year after trying to mess with a bear in Yellowstone.

But of course there will always be that one person who believes they are invincible and will still try to do something completely stupid that would harm themselves and/or the animal they are approaching.

So here we are, example number 47,563 of national park tourists getting perilously close to wildlife.

This one comes from Glacier National Park in Montana, where a bighorn sheep found its way into the park’s parking lot.

In the video you can see a number of people acting responsibly by keeping a safe distance from the creature…

And then old Cletus rolls in, hoping he can approach the ram like he’s at a petting zoo.

Perhaps the saddest part is that he doesn’t even try to sneak up on it. He’s all about speed walking like the ram doesn’t scare.

In fact, the ram attacks the guy briefly, and I’d bet my life savings that he probably saw his life flash before his eyes.

Has he ever seen those videos of rams attacking each other and bumping their horns?

He could have ended up in the hospital right away…

Alaskan Hunter catches himself sharing a picture of illegal bighorn sheep

I will never understand doing illegal activities, especially when it comes to hunting. Just follow the rules and don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

Poaching is one of the things that gives hunters a bad name. It’s an easy target that we don’t need.

The funny thing about these people is that they always seem to be their own worst enemy.

I think it speaks volumes about how they work on a daily basis. It shows that their thought process is not as thorough as it should be when engaging in activities frowned upon in the eyes of the law and any decent hunter.

Long story short… they are idiots.

CBC News had a story about an Alaskan man, Donald Lee, who was hunting sheep in a remote area on the Nation River.

Lee was knowingly hunting near the Canadian Yukon Territory border. While standing in Alaska, he came across a bighorn sheep and made the decision to take the shot. As Lee began walking toward the animal, he found the animal was about 350 feet over the border.

Lee quartered the sheep and grabbed it from the bush. When he returned to civilization, he reported the sheep to local authorities as an Alaskan kill.

Before leaving the area, Lee was sure to get pictures with his harvest. Something every hunter loves to do to keep the memory and have evidence of the story they are telling all their friends.

This is where you will start scratching your head and just wondering “why?”.

Lee took the photos and posted them to Facebook, boasting the caption of the “Yukon zebra” he shot and referring to the dark colors of his fur.

About a year after the hunt, the photo was reported on Facebook. This caught the attention of Canadian authorities. In addition to the photo, they had received a note that the hunt had taken place near the border.

A Wildlife Officer and a Yukon Conservation Officer launched an investigation. Meanwhile, they decided to fly to the location of the hunt in a helicopter.

Using the photo from Facebook, they found the EXACT place Lee took it using landmarks that were visible. They hilariously recreated the photo and held the photo of Lee in their hands. It is very obvious that it was the same place.

In the end, Lee pleaded guilty to the charges. I can only imagine that he didn’t have much choice with the evidence.

Initially, prosecutors wanted to charge Lee $12,500 (CAD) accompanied by a 5-year hunting ban. This was based on the fact that the cost of hunting sheep in the Yukon was far more expensive, exceeding $19,000. Lee countered with only a $5,000 fine.

Being extremely cooperative, he ended up being fined $8,500 (CAD) and a 5-year hunting ban for his clean records and cooperation. Still a great success and lost a lot of hunting.

Lee understood that what he was doing was wrong.

“I regret the choices I made that day. I cannot bring the animal back into the mountain.”

The case’s prosecutor, Noel Sinclair, was pleased with the results.

“I don’t know too many people for whom $8,500 and losing a multi-thousand dollar sheep on their shoulder is something that won’t hurt their wallet.”

Sinclair hopes it will teach all poachers how damaging the fines and restrictions can be.

This situation is proof that during the hunt you know where you are and what regulations you know. No animal is worth paying a hefty fine and losing your hunting rights for any length of time.

If you are doing illegal things, at least think before posting it on social media. The authorities are not stupid and will use it as evidence.

A hill with trees and plants Some Bozo At Glacier National Park Tries His Hardest To Get Railroaded By A Bighorn Sheep

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