Son doesn’t trust sick mother’s carrier and sets up hidden camera – women after 40

The elderly are one of the most important members of society and represent that special class of individuals who have high social, intellectual, experiential and human worth and status. They should be respected and valued and treated with courtesy. Homes for the elderly were established and developed together with development societies to provide health and psychological services and to fulfill their special role for these elderly people who were brought to this home either by their sons or by their relatives.

The nursing home plays a very important role in the society through which the elderly receive the necessary necessities of life such as food, clothing, medical care, etc. They resort to it when they are helpless, which means being forced to enter the nursing home is out of their hands. They suffer from physical and mental disabilities. The nursing home is very necessary and important for the care of the elderly.

Those who suffer from life’s difficulties in managing their daily activities. Aging forces older people to surrender because they are unable to move on or focus on anything. Therefore, the nursing home for the elderly is a place of refuge for them that provides them with health and psychological services. But on the other hand they exist. Several negatives for the retirement home as some of them don’t care for the elderly.

This creates a serious dilemma and negatively affects the mental state of older people. That is why we must hold accountable all those who neglect their jobs and neglect the elderly. Sometimes life forces us to do things we never thought we would do and we don’t even want to. But life circumstances control us and nobody has anything to do with it. Also, the mother is the one who sacrifices herself for her children and she is the one who endures all the tragedies for their comfort.

The mother is a giver of goodness and blessings. It is a symbol of friendliness, safety and security. A man should never make his mother angry with him. A man should never leave his mother alone. In one of the villages there is a very beautiful woman named Helen who works as a seamstress. She has a child named Artem. She is married to a man named William. William works as a farmer and grows crops every day. William borrowed money from his friend because he was in a very difficult financial situation. After that, he couldn’t give him the money back.

So William decided to travel to the city to work there temporarily and then return to his family and return the money to his friend. Helen doesn’t want her husband to travel and tells him you don’t have to travel. Tell your friend you need time. To make money and I’ll help you, but I never want you to travel. We need you. William replied that not only do I have to travel because of my boyfriend, but also because Arthur will be going to school this year and we need money to provide him with all the school supplies so that he can study well. I have money, said Helen.

We can stay together and help each other. I have a feeling that something bad could happen. William said I’ll be leaving tomorrow and be back in a month. Don’t worry, everything will be fine. William is doomed. Unfortunately there was a tragic accident along the way and William died. When Helen knew she was in a very bad mental state. From the start she didn’t ask him. Traveling to justify that she feels something is about to happen to him. She feels very lost and sad. As for Arden, he’s still a kid mourning the passing of his father who loves him so much.

Helen finds she has to pretend. Be okay around your child because this child will suffer a lot if he sees his mother crying all the time. After that, Helen also decided to continue her work to provide Arden with whatever he needed. The money wasn’t enough for everything. Once Helen was sitting at her friend’s house and her friend noticed that she was very sad and asked her what’s the matter with you? Helen said Artem needs a lot of things and school supplies. I don’t have enough money to buy everything.

I only buy the essentials of food, clothes and drinks. I can’t do everything alone. William left me in real tragedy. Your friend said I can help you. Holland replied, thank you, my dear friend. I’m thinking of working on my husband’s land, growing and selling crops. Her friend replied that it was very good. It will make you better financially, but I think it’s very hard work on the other side. You won’t be able to stay grounded in the sun all day doing all that work. I think you sew clothes at night too. It is very tiring and hard work. You should make it a lot more comfortable so you don’t drain yourself.

Helen replied that I can do anything to provide my son with everything he needs. After William’s death, I became alone and have no one but my son. So I have to make sacrifices and do everything in my power to raise him on values, principles and respect. I would like to see him as an engineer year over in this situation is that Helen works on the farmland in the morning, and at night she works as a seamstress. She gets very tired. She doesn’t complain about anything. As for Artem, he’s in high school. And he wants to go to college.

Of Engineering to become a successful engineer working in the city. Many years passed and Helen found out that she had cancer. It was a very bad shock. She also couldn’t move like she used to before she got so old that she can’t work on the floor or even sew clothes as she doesn’t move well or even see that life changed everything. There is nothing permanent in this mortal life. As for Artem, he became a very skilled engineer.

He is looking for a job in the city because his work is plentiful there. Working as an engineer in the city is better than in the village. So he has ambitions to live there. But at the same time he did not think about the condition of his mother. How could he not care for the woman who raised him and sacrificed for him? In any case, these are living conditions that can change people completely. He only buys her medicines and does nothing else. During the day he stays at work and comes back late and sleeps. Helen is in a very miserable state because she can’t do anything. Unfortunately, Helen has Alzheimer’s disease.

Artem doesn’t know how to deal with her. He is very sad because she only remembers a few people. Ardem eventually found a job in the city and decided to travel. But at the same time he does. He doesn’t know what to do with his mother. He thought about putting her in a nursing home. He is looking for a good retirement home to take care of the elderly because he thinks this would be the best place for them to take care of them. But he is indeed wrong. He brought her there. The workers there explained their work at the facility and that they serve the elderly and provide them with health care and everything. Artem feels sad and sad every time he goes to his mother.

But this time he was shocked because. He found out that his mother had a tumor in her eye and her eye was very black. He got very angry and asked the staff about it and one of them told him she lost her balance in the shower and fell. Arden did not believe this false story. He thinks his mother can’t even remember falling. Arden decides to check it out, feeling bad things might be happening to his mother. He wants to protect his mother.

He installed hidden cameras in his mother’s room without anyone knowing about it. And then he was shocked by what he saw. He saw one of the workers there coughing on Helen’s sheets and it was a very disgusting sight. In another part of the video, he saw a woman and a man making out in his mother’s room. And he saw his mother looking at her in fear and terror. Arden was very shocked by what he saw and regretted leaving his mother there. He also saw a man sneaking into his mother’s room and stealing things, and none of the workers there caught him. One of the employees waved Helen’s feces interface.

Arden decided to expose this institution by releasing this video to the media. He also gave a copy of the video to the director of the nursing home. Measures have been taken to ensure this never happens again. All those responsible were punished. Afterward, Arden decided to bring his mother home to make up for the tragedy. Artem regretted leaving his mother in the nursing home for a while, but he was finally a little glad that he had saved her and made up for everything that had happened to her. After that, Helen died after great resistance to cancer and Alzheimer’s. The woman who never deserved to be treated and humiliated in the orphanage died.

But in the end she died. Dignity and pride because her son had never left her. The state should take action to punish anyone who neglects work and does not treat older people with respect and appreciation. The elderly are a blessing in this fleeting world. Son doesn’t trust sick mother’s carrier and sets up hidden camera – women after 40

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