Spirited ending explained – when does Clint become redeemable?

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We’re discussing the ending of the Apple TV+ movie Spirited, which will contain spoilers.

Spirited is a musical comedy that retells the classic A carol With Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds. In this version of the Christmas Carol, the three ghosts, led by Ferrell’s character, are tasked with redeeming an irreplaceable Clint (Reynolds), a man who has made a fortune creating social media scandals. As the film progresses, a strong bond is forged between Clint and the ghost of Christmas Present as both men learn more about each other.

Throughout the night during the haunting, Clint was anything but cooperative. He kept interrupting Marley’s cryptic song, engaging in inappropriate acts with Past and even convincing Present to reveal his deepest darkest secret. As it turned out, Present was actually the spirit of the one true Ebenezer Scrooge, the only other “undeliverable” the spirit team had ever adopted. When Scrooge died within weeks of that fateful Christmas night recounted in the Dickins novella, Present spent centuries worrying about becoming the kind of idiot again capable of saying “Hello!” accept. Nonetheless, Clint persuades the spirit to finally retire, returning to Earth and pursuing Kimberly.

While Present enjoys a date with his sweetheart, Clint gets a visit from the last ghost: Yet-To-Come. The bony ghost shows Clint a dark version of the future. In it, after his niece took his advice and posted a scathing video about her class president rival, the boy couldn’t handle all the hate on social media and committed suicide. Determined to stop this from happening, Clint runs to the rink, where his brother and niece are supposed to try to stop them from posting the video. Luckily Kimberly got there first and the video never sees the light of day. However, to Present’s dismay, time does not stand still and no musical number begins, meaning Clint is not redeemed.

Spirited end explained

Distraught at not being able to redeem an incorrigible Clint, Present decides to jump in front of a bus. But Clint saves his new “brother” at the last minute by pushing him out of the way. As the bus is about to run over Clint, time stops and the Spirited assembly arrives to congratulate him on his final salvation. Unfortunately, as soon as the musical number ends, Clint is hit by a bus and dies. Instead of going into the light with his sister, Clint asks for a job at Spirited Enterprise.

In the final scenes we learn that Clint has now become the Ghost of Chrismas Present and is even expanding the operation. He spends his afterlife in a long-term relationship with Past and still visits his old friend Present. Will Farrell’s character has since married Kimberly and they have two beautiful children. The film ends with Clint and Present repeating the song That Christmas morning feeling.

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