Spirited review – an utterly charming musical take on a classic tale

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It’s a silly musical with a silly story, and fans of Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds will very likely love it.

We’re reviewing the Apple TV+ movie Spirited, which contains no spoilers.

Written and directed by Sean Anders (known for Terrible bosses 2 and Instant family), Spirited is another adaptation of the all-too-popular Charles Dickens story A Christmas song. In this version, however, the redemption of Earth’s Scrooges by the power of ghostly apparitions on Christmas Eve is an entire enterprise run by the world’s dead, who also love to burst into song. The feature had a limited theatrical run before hitting the AppleTV+ streaming platform.

Will Ferrell‘s first Christmas film since Eleven begins by introducing the spirits and how they work after the redemption of a “Karen” whose name happens to be Karen (Rose Byrn). Now a better person, the lady gave up frivolous police complaints about her neighbors and joined a group of children for a ball game on Christmas morning. We are introduced to the Christmas spirit team: Present (Will Farrell), Past (Sunita Mani) and Still-To-Come (Loren G. Woods). Present has been in the job for over 200 years, and while he’s entitled to retire and return to the land of the living, he keeps putting it off because he seems to love redeeming terrible people. And her new “offender” is as horrific as it gets. So terrible that he was classified as “incurable”. Played by Ryan Reynolds, Clint runs a company that specializes in creating online scandals. One of his efforts was to create a Twitter spat between people who use real Christmas trees and those who prefer the plastic variety.

Determined to redeem the “unresolvable,” Present and his ghost team spend a full year preparing for the perfect “haunted” to help Clint spot his flaws. But not everything goes as planned on Christmas Eve. Not only is Clint unfazed by the whole ghost thing, but he even manages to seduce an overly poignant past, leaving the present to provide a good enough haunting that makes Clint a good person. The only problem is that Clint has absolutely no interest in being redeemed. To complicate things further, Present seems to have a crush on Kimberly (played by the brilliant Octavia Spencer), Clint’s business partner and overall good person who hates her terrible job.

While I’ve never been a huge fan of Will Ferrell’s brand of comedy, I found this title utterly charming. It’s a fun concept with a slightly clumsy execution, but still worth a watch. The musical numbers are a bit hit-and-miss, but songs like it Good day and do a little good really stand out. And I’d be surprised if they didn’t make it onto some people’s Christmas playlists. The film even features a twist that gives a friendly nod to the source material. And a cameo from the only lady Judi Densch only adds to the magic.

While some parts of the narrative don’t make a lot of sense, this isn’t the type of movie where little things like continuity and logic matter. It’s a silly musical with a silly story, and fans of Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds will very likely love it. In total, Spirited is a welcome addition to the Christmas movie genre.

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