Still Time Ending Explained – Will Dante and Alice Get Back Together?

We’re discussing the ending of the 2023 Netflix movie Still Time, which will contain spoilers.

Still time is a Netflix Original Movie directed by Alessandro Aronadio. It’s playing Edward Leo as Dante, a workaholic who wants his life to slow down as he time travels and misses years of his life. Since the film can repeatedly become confusing due to time jumps, the viewer has to wonder what the ending could mean.

Still time begins with Dante meeting Alice at a party after mistaking her for his current fiancé, who was wearing the same dress. You begin a long-term relationship. Alice is an artist and Dante works long hours for an insurance company, putting a strain on their relationship as he is rarely home.

In the morning, after being late for his surprise birthday party due to work and other commitments, Dante wakes up for his next birthday. He finds Alice pregnant and is confused that it is already a year later. Dante continues to jump through time and comes to his subsequent birthdays. During his time traveling his daughter Galadriel comes of age, Alice and Dante break up, Alice starts dating someone new, and Dante meets up with his colleague Francesca.

Confused and overwhelmed by these sudden changes, Dante wishes he could slow down. Finally he realizes that he should stop rushing and appreciate every day.

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Will Dante and Alice get back together?

Although Dante was previously angry that Alice is dating a new man, he tells her he supports her and thinks they should move in together. Instead of trying to control her, he wants her to be happy because he loves her.

Dante realizes he doesn’t want to think about yesterday or tomorrow. He only cares about today and wants to spend it with Alice and Galadriel. He vows to make up for his past where he spent all his time at work and wasn’t happy at home.

After a time warp, Dante wakes up in a new year to find Alice and Galadriel at his house. He admits that he’s just done whatever he wanted in recent years. Even though he can’t get that time back, he says there’s still time to change. The film ends with the family happily having breakfast together.

Since Alice and Galadriel were at Dante’s house in the final scene of the film, it is implied that Alice and Dante have repaired their relationship and are living together again. Alice is also surprised but pleased to hear that Dante took all of his 96 vacation days to be with her. This ending can be left up to interpretation, but it seems like the couple are back together and their issues have been resolved.

What happens to Galadriel?

Dante places great importance on having a good relationship with his daughter. When Galadriel wants him to read her a bedtime story, he finds a book that Alice wrote. The book reminds him that everything in life passes, but love and family are the only things that never pass. Dante tells Galadriel that he will never leave her.

Is Dante doing things right with people?

Dante sees his father, who has Alzheimer’s disease, one last time before he dies. Reflecting on his life choices, he admits that in everything he’s done, he’s done it for himself. When he goes to work and announces he’s taking vacation days, he apologizes to Francesca for how he treated her when they were together.

Dante’s friend Valerio had cancer and has since recovered – the two of them going on a rollercoaster ride together, which they promised at the beginning of the film. Until the end Still time, Dante understands how precious and short life is. We recognize his newfound determination to spend it with the people he loves.

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