Still Time Review – a fun reminder to appreciate life



Still time combines comedy and sadness to remind us to slow down and appreciate life.

Directed by Alessandro Aronadio, we review the 2023 Netflix movie Still Time with no spoilers.

Still time is a Netflix Original Movie starring Edward Leo And Barbara Ronch. The Italian comedy follows a workaholic who never wants to take time off. As he begins to travel into the next year every few hours, he misses crucial moments with loved ones and realizes that he should slow down and enjoy life.

Review of the service life and summary of the plot

The film begins at a party where Dante meets his future girlfriend Alice when he mistakes her for his current fiancée. The film features Dante rushing through his day, completing so many chores that he’s late for his surprise birthday party.

Dante conveys that he is constantly stressed and doesn’t realize how quickly the days go by. He wants to work a lot in the present to gain more time later. However, he wakes up the next day and discovers that it is his next birthday. He also finds out that his wife is pregnant. Later, he unknowingly time-travels again and finds that his daughter is now a few months old.

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As Dante jumps uncontrollably through the years of his life, he realizes he’s missing out on life’s greatest moments. These include his daughter’s growth and his professional promotion. He also learns of his deteriorating relationship with Alice. Dante must rush to fix what he broke, prove his love to Alice, and find satisfaction in life again.

Is Still Time 2023 Movie Good?

Still time lets viewers experience the shock and confusion with Dante as he wakes up again and again in a new year. He’s a hilarious, loveable character who responds to these bizarre changes like anyone would. Alice’s pregnancy confuses him as he thinks she has a swollen tummy and gets scared when he feels the baby move.

Dante’s comical moments continue as he leaps forward and realizes he has a daughter, whom he keeps mistaking for a son. Constantly jumping through time, he has no idea what to do with his adolescent daughter. He even forgets that she exists at times, which would be awful in any other scenario. But in this film, his utter confusion is hysterical.

As funny as the movie is, it also sends us a compelling message to step back. The feeling that Dante is passing time exists because he never stops or takes a break. While some of his confusions are funny, there are emotional aspects that work well too. Dante forgets that he and Alice are in couples therapy. Alice teases him because he is never with his daughter and prefers work to his family. We see the pain and frustration Dante feels at not remembering those mistakes.

Still time is both heartfelt and heartbreaking and teaches us that life is short so we must appreciate what we have.

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