Story Recap – what happened in Dead to Me season 3?

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This is a summary of the story of the Netflix series Dead to Me Season 3 containing spoilers – we detail what happened.

We’ve been waiting for another season for a long time dead to me. First there was the Covid-19 pandemic. Then star Christina Applegate was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis. However, the Netflix Show returns to the streaming waves this month season 3. While the show had some rusting to do in the first few episodes, the season is as darkly funny, insightful, and surprising as ever.

Story Recap – what happened in dead to me Season 3?

Episode 1 – “We’ve Been Here Before”

Jen and Judy survive the hit and run caused by Ben’s drunk driving. Ben doesn’t remember and neither do the girls know that he was the driver behind the wheel. A dog walker finds Steve’s body, and Jen is accidentally told that Judy’s scans show possible cancerous masses.

Episode 2 – “We Need to Talk”

Jen juggles two lies in this episode. First, she tells Charlie that Judy is scolding his father Ted so she doesn’t tell him that Judy is scolding his father Ted. Does this make sense? Jen also tells them that she burned Steve’s car because of the Greek mafia so as not to tell Judy that she killed Steve. Ben begins having flashbacks to the hit-and-run where Judy and Jen were injured. He also reflects on his conversation with his twin brother about his alcoholism. He leaves the wooden bird at the bar that Jen used to kill Steve, which Henry gave him to make him feel better. Cop Nate confiscated the toy, not realizing what he had in his hands.

Episode 3 – “Look What We Have Here”

Garret Dillahunt returns as Glenn, the FBI agent on Steve’s murder case. Nate returns the bird to Ben the next day. He then fixes it and gives it to Jen as a gift to Henry for the kind gesture. The girls then burn the evidence and throw it in the trash while Glenn looks down the road in his car.

Episode 4 – “Where Do We Go Now”

Ben admits to Jen that he was the one who hit her while he was driving drunk. Why? Because he just found out that Steve’s body was found. Of course, we find out that Ben hardly needs an excuse to drink. Ben assumes that Jen wants him to go and will never forgive him. However, Jen grabs Ben and kisses him.

Episode 5 – “We Didn’t Think It Through”

Judy comes in to Jen. She has cancer and needs help. Why did Judy keep her cancer diagnosis a secret from Jen? Simple, she didn’t want to be a burden. Jen’s answer? She dismisses them, saying she wants to help because Judy is her heart. Ben goes to Nate at the train station and asks for help with his alcoholism. Nate then asks Ben where he got the bird and he tells him about Henry, Jen’s son. The next day, the kitchen ceiling collapses over the kitchen island. A clear metaphor for the rest of the season.

Episode 6 – “We’re Gonna Beat This Thing”

The episode ends with the season’s most shocking revelation. After making some of Judy’s mushrooms, Jen has Charlie drive her to the hospital for treatment. There she finds out that she is pregnant. Yes, Jen will have Ben’s child.

Episode 7 – “Can We Be Honest”

Ben is out of rehab and visits Jen’s home to try and make up for his alcoholism. She never tells Ben she is pregnant and lets him go when he tells them he is going north. However, another shocking revelation comes when Judy tells Ben that he was in the back seat of the car the night Judy hit Ted with it. Ben goes to Jen’s house to apologize for his role in the incident. (Ben was drunk and made the situation stressful that night). However, the episode ends with Ben getting arrested for drunk hit and run and Perez finally getting her job done.

Episode 8 – “We’ll Find a Way”

FBI Agent Glenn Moranis is back to investigate Steve’s murder and the DNA on his body. After questioning Judy and Jen, he leaves, but Karen shows her neighbor new footage from her security camera. Glenn went into Jen’s trash can and picked up a water bottle. We assume that we will compare Jen’s DNA with the victim’s DNA.

Episode 9 – “We’re almost out of time”

Judy has terminal cancer and goes to see Nate, who claims she was the one who murdered Steve. However, Jen persuades him to give her three weeks because Jen was able to get her into a cancer study. But there is good news. Well, not for FBI Agent Glenn Moranis. He was murdered in his motel room. Perez found the body and took his files, effectively covering up Jen’s part in Steve’s murder. Now Nate can allow Judy to walk away.

Episode 10 – “We’ve Reached the End”

The series ends with Judy sailing off into the sunset, having chosen to die on her terms. Jen goes back and gets her daughter. She named her Joey. In the last scene, Jen tells Ben that she has to tell him something. We can only assume she’ll spill the beans about her murder of Steve.

That is the Story recap of what happened in Dead to Me Season 3. What do you think of the story? Please comment below. Story Recap – what happened in Dead to Me season 3?

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