‘Succession’ Director Mark Mylod Has Something to Prove With ‘The Menu’

Markus Mylod is not one to brag. If anything, he’s overly critical of himself and his work, openly admitting that his first three films –What’s your number, The Big White, and Ali G. Indahouse– did not quite meet his standards. But there’s one particular piece of praise that got him grounded — and he’s finally ready to brag about it. In 2019 is the successor Producer and director enacted the memorable part of season 2, “Tern Haven,” in which the Roy clan spends the entire duration of the episode at the home of another powerful media dynasty family for a weekend of tense negotiations and even more tense meals.

“I was really proud of the episode and it was critically well received, but a few days after the episode aired, my doorbell rang in my Brooklyn apartment, I went downstairs and a young man gave me this beautiful envelope . handwritten with my name on it,” recalls Mylod, cheerfully returning to that overwhelming moment. “I took it upstairs and opened it and it was a letter from Steven Spielberg say how much he loved the episode. I think he said, ‘Hosting a dinner party is like fighting a bear — and you won.’”

With an endearing and self-deprecating laugh, Mylod is quick to add, “Not that I’ve memorized it!”

The conclusion is obvious: If Spielberg thinks you’re great at hosting dinner parties, then keep hosting dinner parties. Three years after Tern Haven, Mylod takes a short break from work successor‘s fourth season – now one of the most talked about and critically acclaimed shows on television – to prepare for the release of his first film in more than a decade, The Bloody Delicious The menu. Set in an exclusive fine-dining restaurant on a remote island, Mylod’s “psychological thriller, horror, comedy-satire,” as he puts it, has what he calls wheezes and laughs in equal measure and, perhaps, perhaps more importantly, has the British filmmaker finally satisfied created an appetite for a cinema win.

After disappointing critical and commercial performances from his first three films, Mylod calls it a “great relief” to see critics cheering on him The menu. “Ever since I was a kid, it was such a burning desire of mine to make a film that I was really, really proud of and felt like I’d done everything I could to make it,” he says vf via Zoom, days before The menu‘s wide publication. “And obviously that’s not to discredit my previous work, it’s all a stepping stone as we move forward…. I’m just trying to embrace the things I’ve been afraid of, whereas in the past I might have shied away from them and stayed in my comfort zone. It was really, ‘Okay, if I want the privilege of being able to do a film, I’d better make sure I have something pretty good and clear to say.'”

Mylod found early career success in Britain, his native country, while directing the pilot for the long-running British series shameless, and step into the wild world of Sacha Baron Cohen as the director of the comedian’s debut film, Ali G. Indahouse. And then an unexpected call came in from America: Would he be interested in directing an episode of the hit HBO series? entourage?

“I didn’t even know what entourage was, so I had to watch a few DVDs, and I just loved it,” says Mylod of strikingly chronicling the journey to the A-list of an actor who took his childhood friends with him on the journey. “It was so different from anything I’d done before, yet at the same time there was still a version of family. And it was wild; I couldn’t believe it when I walked onto the set the first morning and there were grills and salad bars and all these different stations to get your juice ready. I thought is it a public holiday? No, that was just normal. And then we had kind of a party scene and I did my normal horse-trading with the production team about how many people I could have in the back… I’d say can I have 20, 30, because I thought I was really pissing, and the assistant director said, ‘Oh god, no, we need at least 200,’ and I had this big, bright smile on my face and I thought I was in heaven.”

Mylod directed three episodes in season three and then became a full-time member of entourage‘s entourage as producer-director. “It changed my life,” he says. “I felt like I had hit a dead end in the UK and had retreated back to making commercials and really had no creative direction. That opened up a whole new world for me. I moved to Los Angeles, met my wife, the costume designer on this show, amy [Westcott], We have two children together.” He calls it a “restart in my life.” Other benefits of Entourage: “I did one scene in season five that I actually got to direct Martin Scorsese, that’s up there in my top five Hollywood moments!”

After fully immersing himself in Hollywood, Mylod made it his “mission statement” to empower himself to direct strong TV pilots. “The wind was blowing out of my head for a while with the feature films, but I found I had access to some really beautiful scripts,” says Mylod, who oversaw ABC’s early episodes There was once, it’s show time The affair, and in a moment that comes full circle, the American adaptation of shameless He admits he’s terrified at the suggestion of recreating a series he helped start across the pond, but he credits young actors with how Emmy Rossum and Jeremy Allen White for convincing him that there is something new to discover. shameless followed the misadventures of the dysfunctional, lower-class Gallagher family on Chicago’s South Side and featured a large ensemble cast that included the Oscar nominee as well as children with little or no acting experience William H Macy. Wanting his cast to feel like real family, Mylod sent them on various day trips in the hopes they’d become friends — and get on each other’s nerves.

“About day three, Mark Mylod said, ‘We’re going to send you to play mini-golf,'” Macy, who played alcoholic and disinterested patriarch Frank, previously told me. “I’m old and cranky and I was like, ‘What the hell is this?’ We come to the first hole and Emma [Kenney]The nine-year-old hits the ball and it pops out. Then she hits the ball and it goes off the driveway and then she hits another one… everyone’s like, ‘That’s okay, do it again!’ I stood there for 20 minutes, so I went over there, pushed Emma aside and said, ‘I’ll play through.’ She didn’t fall, but it was harder than I thought. I got about the third hole thinking I’m an idiot and Mark Mylod is a genius – I just found out who Frank Gallagher is. I unlocked it when I pushed it off the putting green.”

https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2022/11/succession-director-mark-mylod-has-something-to-prove-with-the-menu ‘Succession’ Director Mark Mylod Has Something to Prove With ‘The Menu’


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