Summary of Shadow and Bone Season 2 Episode 4


The Crows and Alina’s storylines intensify in Every Monstrous Thing. There’s a lot of tense action sequences and some real zest in this episode. Finally, the makers deliver real, banging entertainment.

We recap the Netflix series Shadow and Bone Season 2 Episode 4, “Every Monstrous Thing” which contains spoilers.

In “Every Monstrous Thing” both the story of the crows and Alina (Jessie Mei Li) Start building some momentum. The Crows plot to take down their nemesis pekka (Dean Lennox Kelly), once and for all. While Alina and Nicholas (Patrick Gibson) announce their engagement with unforeseen results. And of course, Kirigan (Ben Barnes) is back and hoping to cause more trouble while continuing to build his empire. It’s a vastly improved episode that sheds the dead weight of previous episodes and instead focuses on gripping action and believable suspense.

Summary of Shadow and Bone Season 2 Episode 4

The episode begins with Nikolai and Alina’s engagement announcement. Nikolai’s brother Vasily is there to express his dislike of the Grisha people, and Alina does not hold back her hatred of Vasily either. Nikolai’s mother decides to hold a small gathering to celebrate the engagement. And Alina declares her desire to lead the Second Army. After the speeches Just Conversations with Alina in private. He worries that Alina has put herself in even more danger with her announcement. She promises Mal that they can continue their love affair once the war is over and Kirigan is defeated. The two lovers kiss, but Vasily spies on this secret rendezvous.

Alina practices her new powers, but resents her inability to properly control this new amp. Tamar suggests that she concentrate her anger and focus on her enemy. Alina thinks of Kirigan and unleashes a massive burst of energy in response. Next, she is reunited with David, who escaped from Kirigan’s fortress in the previous chapter. David warns them of Kirigan’s return. He mentions these shadow monsters that cannot be killed or maimed. David tells Alina about a bond she shares with Kirigan, but the sun summoner downplays any knowledge of that bond.

Mal tells Alina to focus on tracking down the next amp, the Firebird, but Alina ponders her creations. What if she can make light soldiers compete with Kirigan’s shadow monsters? Mal asks for time to track down the Firebird but is soon arrested. Vasily captures Mal and orders a soldier to take him to the base in Ulensk, where he is immediately court-martialled.

What is the Neshyenyer?

Before Mal was captured, he had mentioned plans to fight the shadow monsters. He had read a myth about a sword that could cut through shadows called the Neshyenyer, also known as the Relentless Blade.

Nikolai informs Mal that the real sword has been stolen. He suggests the Crows search for this vital weapon. The siblings, Tolia and Tamar, plan to go to Ketterdam Zoya and Mal to find the crows and make the proposal.

Meanwhile, the Crows enact a plan to bring down Pekka. Kaz has Wylan create a bond that they will distribute to Pekka’s stores during a local celebration dressed up in costumes and masks. However, after Kaz lays out the plan, the gang disperses Nina turns on her new boss and punches Kaz in the face. She was forced to turn against Kaz after the Hellgate incident. Nina drags Kaz to Pekka’s headquarters. Pekka beats Kaz in front of all of his men.

How did Kaz’ brother die?

When Kaz is beaten, his plan works. The compound unleashes a disease that mimics the deadly firepox virus but is harmless. This scares the guests of Pekkas Casino.

Flashbacks reveal that Kaz’s brother, Jordie, died from an earlier outbreak of firepox. Kaz blames Pekka for causing the circumstances that led to Jordie’s death. Kaz informs Pekka that the disease has only affected his farms. The Merchant Council will want to investigate how this disease was brought to the island.

What does Kaz want from Pekka?

Further flashbacks reveal a twist in Kaz’s plan. He knew about Nina’s deal with Pekka and they worked together to dupe the crook. In the present, Kaz makes his own threats. He tells Pekka that he buried his son Alby. Kaz will not reveal Alby’s whereabouts until Pekka says Kaz’s brother’s name. However, Pekka cannot remember the name. The crime boss asks for the whereabouts of his son. Kaz hands him a confession to sign, proving that Pekka murdered Aunt Heleen and Constable Sem. There is also a receipt deed for Inej that Pekka has to sign. He signs the paperwork and races to the cemetery to save his son. Pekka is arrested at the cemetery.

Now that the crows are free and their names have been cleared, Jesper asks Wylan for a date to celebrate. Wylan is unsure, concerned about this jesper is a small player. After all, their first date was just a one-night stand. Jesper wants to see where this romance could lead and the two kiss. Kaz passes Inej her papers and also declared her a free person.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Episode 4 ending explained

What is Nikolai’s secret?

Before their engagement party, Nikolai and Alina meet privately. He offers her the Lantsov Emerald and they seem to become more intimate. Is this an act or do you have real feelings for each other? Nikolai talks about his upbringing and admits to being the son of a commoner himself. He believes his biological father was an ordinary man, not a king. Nikolai asks Alina to keep this secret. Though she appreciates seeing that other side of Nikolai. They join the party, which has grown into a larger gathering.

Vasily invited more people and naively revealed the secret whereabouts of the family. Nikolai is angry and quarrels with his brother. But Vasily has his own agenda, commenting that Nikolai is a bastard, hinting at the secret he revealed to Alina just moments earlier. Did Vasily also listen to this conversation? Vasily makes a grand speech, indicating that he will reveal Nikolai’s scandalous secret to everyone present. However, his big reveal falls flat when Kirigan’s shadow monsters crash the party.

The monsters immediately attack Vasily, tearing him in two. Alina fights back, but her strength is useless. The gang strikes back, then searches for Kirigan, who must be nearby. Alina spots him and communicates with The Darkling via an intimate vision – Kirigan comments on how strong Alina has become and that he wants to help her. Tamar arrives and urges them to escape through the underground tunnels.

In these tunnels, Kirigan attacks again, this time in the flesh. His shadow monsters hurt badly Adrik. Kirigan asks Alina to join him to rule by his side. She refuses and fights back, unleashing her powers to neutralize the monsters. Kirigan is knocked over by this blast of energy. The walls begin to crumble and a shadow monster regenerates, but it is devoured by the debris. Alina and her friends flee when the ceiling collapses.

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