Swarm Season 1 Episode 7 Summary and Ending Explained


swarm is a wild and crazy ride that ends on this massive cliffhanger. A well written series that I hope we get more of.

We recap Episode 7 of the Prime Video series Swarm Season 1, Only God Makes Happy Ends, which contains spoilers and explains the ending.

After a wild season of swarm, we have reached the season finale. will Detective Greene (Heather Simms) meet with Dre (Dominique Fishback) and get her to confess to the murders? Will Dre be arrested? Or will she walk away like she has been doing all season? The finale has some questions that we need answers to.

Swarm Season 1 Episode 7 Summary

We see Dre outside a club watching some people leaving and trying to get an Uber. However, he notices that her friend is too drunk and does not take her. So Dre suggests she can drive them and at first the girl says no but eventually realizes there are no other options and asks how much. When they arrive at her house, she introduces herself as Rashida and is ATL born and raised. While they are talking, her friend approaches her half-naked and passes out.

After they settle in, Rashida accidentally attracts Ni’jah but says she sucks, but dre tells her that’s her favorite girl. After Dre leaves, we see that she is sleeping in her car. When Dre returns to her car on the way, she notices that the police are searching her van. She goes to a coffee shop and Rashida sees her. They go back to Rashida where they start kissing.

Dre is smitten with Rashida and tries to buy her flowers at the store, but all of her cards are rejected. Next we see Dre and Rashida go to her family’s home, where they give Dre a warm welcome. After that, it’s how family visits work, story time, followed by embarrassing stories about their kids. Later that evening, Rashida tells Dre that she loves her.

It’s Rashida and Dre’s wedding anniversary and Dre got her a present. Rashida opened the envelope and it was front row tickets to see Ni’Jah. Rashida freaks out. She hates Ni’Jah and snaps at Dre for working two jobs to make sure they have a roof over their heads.

Who dies in episode 7?

Rashida dies in the final. Rashida snaps at Dre, causing her to grab Rashida by the throat and choke her to death. We see Dre squeak, “I wanted to love you” and fall asleep next to her dead body. Later that night we see her burn Rashida’s body.

Dre recalls that Rashida put the tickets in her pocket and they are now on fire. Dre tries to go to the register to get tickets, but they want to see ID that she is Rashida. Next she finds a scalper selling tickets and they go back to his car and Dre stabs the man and takes his tickets.

Swarm season 1 episode 7 ending explained

Dre is finally at the venue and excited to see Ni’Jah perform on stage. Unable to resist, Dre rushes to the stage but is stopped by security guards. As they try to take her away, Ni’Jah tells them to stop and let her go. She then asks Dre to sing for the audience and not be shy. The season ends with Dre and Ni’Jah getting into their limousine after the show and Ni’Jah comforting her by having her head rest on her chest.

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