Team Gear Steal Splatoon 3 Splatfest Victory With 58% of total players

The Splatfest winners have been announced. Team Gear also stole the win by winning the unanimous vote.

For the second time, Splatoon III was ceremoniously inaugurated after the start of the event. Even if a few hits failed to materialize, the event got a treat.

That’s especially true if you’ve been involved with Team Gear, which was awarded the Splatfest. However, many players believe that the win was completely rigged from the start.

If Splatfest was a bit difficult, it was possible that it was due to poor matchmaking issues. In other words, it’s definitely worth looking around.

Table of Contents.

  • How are splatfests rated?
    • How does voting work during Splatfest?
  • How did Team Gear win Splatfest?
    • Why was Team Gear so popular?
  • Why was the Splatfest popularity poll controversial?
    • How did Team Gear cause matchmaking issues?

How do Splatfests rank?

Splatfests are judged on four criteria: Popularity, Open Mode Clout, Pro Mode Clout, and Conch Shells.

The value of every living being is different. The points received by each with the highest percentage within this criterion. Below are the points.

  • Districts 10 points
  • Impact power in open mode 15 points.
  • Impact power in Pro mode 10 points.
  • Conch Shells out 10 points.

Each team has a common number of conch shells that you should definitely learn all about. So don’t do anything in Splatoon 3?

Open mode and Pro mode can be based on the average number of each player’s total clout count. The popularity rating determines how many votes a particular team gets (in other words, how many players represent that team).

How does voting work at Splatfest?

Players are asked to vote for one of three options, then eliminated after selecting an option from the team.

In the case of Splatoon 3s, right after launch, the theme was what would you take to an island in the desert? The options were Gear, Grub or Fun.

How did Team Gear win Splatfest?

Among the 45 points at the first Splatfest event after the start of the year, Team Gear received 25 of them. Of the other two teams, the winner was almost done, the winner and the winner of the splatfest got no point at all.

Team Gear received 15 points for accounting for 35% of global hitting power in the Open Mode criteria. However, albeit more controversial, they gained 10 points in the popularity criteria.

Of the total votes for all three teams, Team Gear received 58.28% of the votes, making it the most popular team. In fact, it had more players than the other two teams.

Why was Team Gear so popular?

Team Gear was the best choice because it was a logical choice and backed by an idol.

Many fans thought gear on a desert island would be a lot more helpful than fun or food. Their reasoning was that if you had to carry some gear, you could not only survive longer, but also gain in strength and fun.

The team hasn’t lost the support of the powerful Shiver idol in Series 3. Your support of Team Gear probably made sense to a lot of fans.

Why was the Splatfest Belongit Vote controversial?

Many believe that Team Gear received many votes as it was one correct answer out of three possible choices.

For example, while Splatfests are subjective, prior to the launch of Splatfests, the theme was Rock, Paper, Scissors. I used to think this Splatfests topic had a correct answer.

So it was guaranteed that Team Gear would win the popularity vote. It not only had more players, but also 10 points in the basket.

It’s very possible that Team Fun would have won the entire Splatfest if they hadn’t been fairer.


Maya! (@mayawife) September 26, 2022.

They earned the Conch Shell and Pro Mode Points, and finished less than twice behind Team Gear’s critics in Open Mode.

How did Team Gear cause matchmaking issues?

Due to Team Gears’ high player count, many of its own members reported being forced to play a match against each other despite only having enough players from the other team available.

This led to massive matchmaking issues as many players were paired with inexperienced players by Team Grub or Fun.

This meant that there were huge differences in skills between Team Gear and the other teams, as long as Nintendo had to create matches to help whoever was available.

For a lot of people, Splatfest wasn’t nearly as fun as it should have been. Nintendo has planned to introduce a new Splatfest event.

The next Splatfest will be a good time.

It might be good to check out all of Splatoon 3’s skills, but you’ll be more likely to win after the next Splatfest. Team Gear Steal Splatoon 3 Splatfest Victory With 58% of total players

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