Thai Cave Rescue – who are the Wild Boars?

This Who are the Boars article contains major spoilers for the Netflix series Thai Cave Rescue.

As you probably already know Thai cave rescue is based on a true story that happened in 2018. And at the center of this story are the wild boars. But who exactly is the team? How do they get into the cave? And what are they doing for the rest of the series?

Thai cave rescue – Who are the wild boars?

The Wild Boars are a junior soccer team who are trapped in the cave, thus shaping the show’s story. And these 12 soccer players are Mark, Tee, Titan, Adul, Biw, Phong, Mix, Dom, Tle, Note, Nick and Night.

Since they are between 11 and 16 years old, they are all quite innocent and at first do not understand the seriousness of the situation they are in. But over time, they begin to see the seriousness of the somber event.

What are the wild boar doing? Thai cave rescue Season 1?

At the start of the show, the team is led into the cave by their junior coach, Eak. Unaware that a storm is brewing, Eak leads the players further into the cave. When heavy rains cause the cave to partially flood, the team and Eak find themselves trapped.

For a while, and what must have felt like forever, they have no way of contacting their parents. Worse still, they cannot warn anyone of the danger they are in. It seems as if they are standing in their own graves. But thanks to a GoPro, help arrives and the outside world learns that the wild boars are actually alive.

However, it does not mean immediate salvation. Since the wild boars cannot be taken out safely, experts find a way to save the wild boars as they remain trapped in the cave. First of all, it is to be hoped that the experts will have plenty of time to work. However, when the oxygen levels in the cave start to drop, there is a sudden time limit. And if the wild boars are soon freed from the den, they will die. There are desperate efforts to help/rescue the boy. In a tragic instance, Saman dies delivering them air tanks.

Although everything seems to speak against their release, the wild boars all make it out of the cave. And in a mission once deemed impossible, all 12 members of the soccer team emerge from the cave alive.

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