The 2 things to put by your bed every night to stop snoring

IF SNORING plagues your life, you are not alone.

Around 56 percent of people either snore themselves or have a partner who does, new research has found.

There are a number of unusual tricks to stop you from snoring, including putting a tennis ball in your pajamas or drinking water before bed


There are a number of unusual tricks to stop you from snoring, including putting a tennis ball in your pajamas or drinking water before bedPhoto credit: Getty
Top hacks include using a tennis ball and keeping a glass of water by your bed


Top hacks include using a tennis ball and keeping a glass of water by your bedPhoto credit: SWNS

54 percent of them therefore resort to a variety of tricks to suppress the noise.

Nasal patches, dilators or spray, a hot shower before bed, and even sleeping while sitting up — all make the top 30 list.

But there are two tips that might surprise you, the study commissioned Silent snoring found.

This includes keeping a glass of water near your bed to stay hydrated and tucking a tennis ball in your pajamas to keep you from lying on your back.

To remember to use these hacks, keeping the items on your bedside table will help.

Other people avoid alcohol before bed (nine percent) or even completely (eight percent), while one in twenty (five percent) swears by a sip before bedtime to stop snoring.

Others taped their mouths shut, stuck a pin up their noses, or slept with their heads at the end of the bed.

The study also found that 44 percent of those who snore or live with a snorer are so sick of the noise that they would do anything to stop it.

This means they spend an average of £33.20 a year to silence it, but would be willing to spend up to £288 if it meant it stopped for good.

Steve Smith, UK Director of Silent snoringwhich commissioned the study in partnership with WebMD as part of its 2023 Annual Sleep and Snoring Report, said, “Snoring can be bothersome, and people are willing to try just about anything to stop it.”

“And while some of these are fairly routine hacks, there are some more unusual things that are put to the test.

“While things like using extra pillows, humidifiers, and opening your airways can help with snoring, things like taking a hot shower before bed, sleeping upside down in bed, and wearing an eye mask probably won’t help as much.

“Whether you’re the snorer or the person who has to put up with a partner’s noise, it can have a huge impact on your sleep, your relationship, and your life in general.

“As a result, there are some willing to do anything to stop it.”

According to the NHS, a person is more likely to snore if they are overweight, smoke, drink too much alcohol or sleep on their back.

Snoring is also a precursor to more dangerous health conditions like heart attacks.

One learn found that those who snore have a higher risk of going blind later in life.

Other learn von And So To Bed found that 23 percent of women are affected by their partner’s snoring.


According to research, there are 30 remedies that help stop snoring, including:

1. Use of additional pillows

2. Drink more water

3. Nasal strip/dilator

4. Nasal spray before bed

5. Avoiding alcohol before bed

6. Avoid alcohol completely (i.e. not just before bed)

7. Rub decongestant on chest before bed

8. Hot shower or bath before bed

9. Sleep sitting up

10. Sleeping the other way around, eg head at the end of the bed

11. Buy anti-snoring pillows

12. Use of a mouthguard

13. Saline rinses/sprays

14. Exercise before bed

15. Eating breath mints before bed

16. Slurping on warm honey and lemon before bed

17. Neck Exercises

18. Snoring Exercises

19. Wearing an eye mask

20. Drink alcohol before bed

21. Wearing a humidifier

22. Buy a snoring ring to stop you from snoring

23. Rub petroleum jelly or something similar on the tip of your nose

24. Put a tennis ball in your pajamas so you’re not lying on your back

25. Tape your mouth shut

26. Putting a pin on your nose

27. Humming/ singing

28. Acupuncture

29. Wearing compression stockings

30. Thyme oil on the feet

The study also found that 29 percent would consider surgery to break the habit.

While 39 percent sleep in separate bedrooms and 13 percent resort to sleeping pills.

But for 11 percent, it got so bad that they ended their relationship because one of them snored.

Conducted via OnePoll, the study also found that 28 percent turned to the internet for advice on how to stop snoring, while 18 percent turned to friends and family.

And 17 percent even asked medical professionals for help.

Although 61 percent admit they just accepted it will never go away.

It also found that those classified as obese were more likely to snore (58 percent) than those with an underweight (23 percent) or healthy (26 percent) BMI.

While 38 percent of men snore compared to 32 percent of women.

Steve Smith, e.g Silent snoringadded: “You don’t have to put up with snoring.

“With sensible strategies, you can really reduce or even eliminate the sound of snoring in your bedroom — and unsurprisingly, improving your nasal breathing is one of the best things snorers can do.”

Mute ambassador Olivia Arezzolo shared her top five tips for reducing snoring.

1. Reduce alcohol consumption

Alcohol is a major risk factor for snoring: it relaxes the muscles in the upper airways, causing them to collapse at night and increasing snoring.

2. Sleep on your side

Sleeping on your back makes snoring worse — however, sleeping on your side, or at least having your face on the side, reduces it.

3. Make sure you are at a healthy weight

Weight reduction in obese people can improve snoring – so much so that in some cases the symptoms can be eliminated.

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4. Consider a nasal dilator

For a simple and no-fuss solution that can make breathing easier at night.

5. Improving air quality

Well-ventilated, purified air reduces the risk that snoring is due to pollution and airborne critters, which can offset allergies — which can otherwise lead to irritated airways, congestion, and increased snoring The 2 things to put by your bed every night to stop snoring

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