The End of the Middle Kingdom Explained (in Detail)

We’re discussing the ending of the 2023 Netflix film Asterix & Obelix: The Middle Kingdom, which will contain spoilers.

However, there have been many adaptations of the cartoon Asterix and Obelix since his first comic publication in 195963 years later, it remains iconic and attracts the attention of filmmakers eager to explore the characters further.

the latest iteration, Asterix and Obelix: The Middle KingdomDirected by Guillaume Canet, the cult duo takes them all the way to China, where they help a princess and her mother save their kingdom from conquest by the ravenous Caesar.

Asterix & Obelix: The End of the Middle Kingdom Explained

What visions does Master Still reveal when looking into the magic ball?

Through his visions, Master Still sees Princess Sa See’s mother, the Empress, being held captive in a temple at an unknown location in the forest.

There are still voices that once they can find her and release her, they must rush to the Ku-Koo Palace to speak with Prince Ku-Koo before Caesar can take control of the Last Kingdom.

What happens after the empress is freed from the temple?

After Asterix, Obelix, Ka Ra Tay, and Princess Sa See find the temple where the Empress is being held captive, Ka Ra Tay uses her physical agility to climb the mountain and enter the temple to save her. After her liberation, the empress embraces her daughter and thanks the Gauls for their help in escaping. She then insists that the group disbanded and that she and Ka Ra Tay raised their own army to save the kingdom and that Princess Sa See traveled to the Ku Koos to enlist their support to save the country. Before leaving, Ka Ra Tay says goodbye to Obelix and it is revealed that the two have fallen in love.

Is Princess Sa See recruiting the Ku Koos as part of her army?

After Princess Sa See arrives at Ku-Koo Palace, she meets Prince Ku-Koo, who, as warned by Master Still, wears a menacing mask. However, once it is removed, a long-haired, well-behaved Prince Ku Koo emerges, who promises Princess Sa See that she has the support of the Ku Koos. Princess Sa See and Prince Ku Koo are attracted to each other, much to the dismay of Asterix as he has a fondness for the princess.

What is the result of the battle between Ku Koo’s and Caesar’s men?

After Princess Sa See faces Caesar’s men waiting outside Ku-Koo Palace, he asks her how many troops she has, to which she replies ten thousand. The number increases after Asterix, Obelix, and some of the other Gauls also volunteered to fight for them.

Caesar insists on having eighty thousand men and we see an army of men behind him, ready for battle.

Does the Empress of China keep her kingdom?

Yes, the Empress of China is allowed to keep her kingdom. Just as the Ku Koos are cornered and Caesar’s men appear to be outnumbered, the Empress returns with a million army personnel. This unexpected development forces Caesar to surrender, leaving immediately, insisting that he must return to Rome.

Once the Ku Koos celebrate their victory, the Gauls return to their village, where they celebrate with China. Panacea confronts Obelix and asks if the rumors about his romance with Ka Ra Tay are true. He then tells Panacea that he has no interest in romance with her and then dances with Ka Ra Tay. In the final scene, he tells Asterix that Ka Ra Tay has returned to China as she has a lot of work to do in the palace. Asterix then asks Obelix if he would like a feast to go, and while the two eat they embrace. The End of the Middle Kingdom Explained (in Detail)

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