The Handmaid’s Tale season 5, episode 3 recap – “Border”


The series continues to be masterfully directed, written and acted, with some stunning performances from veteran cast members. We are now five seasons old and these characters are still as compelling, surprising and relatable as ever.

This recap of the Hulu series The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Episode 3 “Border” contains spoilers. Some plot points are still under embargo and will be updated later today.

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June killed Fred, so Serena hit back in the only way she knew how, hitting June where it hurt. She used Fred’s funeral to spread the Gilead way of life around the world, plastering Hannah’s face all over the news outlets in the process. Now that June has been informed of Serena’s intentions, she wants to fight back. “Border” delves into June’s attempts to reach out to Nick and wage war, while Serena plans to stay relevant in the nation she helped found.

The story of the maid Season 5 Episode 3 Summary

Poor June was just about to return to a sparse form of normality and Serena left and ruined all that progress. June is now fixated on her daughter and desperate that she can’t help save her from this torturous land. Moira returns home as soon as she hears the news, and with Luke they try to comfort June. Moira mentions a group of women on the border who could help her get in touch. June is upset that Moira didn’t tell her about this sooner, but as always, she was just trying to protect her friend.

They drive to meet up with the leader of this resistance, an ex-Martha named Lily, who was part of the exchange with Fred that was orchestrated in June last season. She is in awe of June Osborne and reiterates that what she did was something truly extraordinary. Lily tries to help June as best she can and leads her to the hidden base. It’s a dangerous life on the edge of no man’s land and the women there carry guns for protection. Lily shows them around the outpost and discusses the long reach of the Mayday plan.

While June tries to infiltrate the borders of Gilead, Serena is already back home. She meets with Commander MacKenzie, who happens to be Hannah’s “legal” father. They have since renamed Hannah Agnes MacKenzie while shielding her from any knowledge of June, her real mother. Joseph talks about the positive feedback they’ve received from the tragedy show and tries to build on that momentum. Nick and his wife Rose are also present at the meeting. Commander MacKenzie quickly brings the conversation to the subject of June Osborne. They fear for their safety thanks to June’s murderous escapades and want to protect their daughter at all costs. Serena agrees with this opinion, it is clear that Gilead wants June dead.

Serena weighs her options and is determined to live in Gilead forever. At one point she looks like she is considering remarriage and seems to turn her attention to Joseph. However, Commander Joseph Lawrence is not keen on the idea and declines her subtle offer before meeting the High Commanders. Here, Serena’s fate has already been decided for her. They want her to become an unofficial global ambassador for the nation. Feeling trapped and having no other leverage to use, she asks for her own staff, a large budget and full protection for the future. The High Commanders agree and Serena is quickly sent back to Canada.

The end

June’s plans don’t go according to plan either. During her stay at the border she witnesses the turmoil of war. The women sew messages and objects (including arsenic) into the clothing, ready to kill the criminals in Gilead. Eventually, she gets her precious call with Nick, but it’s not that useful. Nick talks about having a wife now and his own commitments. He admits that he can no longer help June. She asks why Hannah was dressed in purple. Apparently the color means a change of school. Hannah is now being trained to be a future wife.

After June’s terrible update from Nick, she is informed that Serena is returning to Canada. She makes sure to intercept Serena’s vehicle before her nemesis has returned to the safety of her detention center and rushes toward this ambush. June bangs on the window of Serena’s car, threatens the woman and demands that she never touch Hannah again. Serena looks visibly shaken by this attack. Your ranged combat continues.

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