The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 1 Summary

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A carefully crafted and finely written pilot that ticks every box to set the tone for an incredible season.

We recap HBO series The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 1, “When You’re Lost in the Darkness,” which contains spoilers.

The moment we’ve been waiting for since the November 2020 announcement, The last of us is here. I’m equal parts excited and scared as we head into season one. This game is one of the best games ever made. Can they capture that magic? Let’s dive into episode one.

The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 1 Summary

The episode began in 1968 with us listening dr newman speaking on a talk show about a global pandemic that the world may be facing, at a deeply upsetting moment, because when they speak about this plague you can’t help but reflect on what we’ve been through with COVID. After that we get a nice montage which is the opening credits. I will always credit HBO and his way of doing stunning opening sequences with music.

Fast forward to 2003 and see Sarah Making breakfast for her dad because it’s his birthday. We see the duo share a bonding moment tommy enters and looks for his breakfast portion. joel mentions that they have to work late, which upsets Sarah because she wants to celebrate his birthday, but he promises to be home by 9 p.m. with a cake. Moments later we see Sarah rummaging in one of the drawers to pull out some money.

After school we see Sarah going to a jewelry store to have this watch repaired, presumably for her father. While she’s waiting, a lady comes out from the back and says they’re closing up shop and pretty freaks out and tells Sarah she has to go home. She goes to the neighbor’s house and asks if the news has changed because there are a lot of cops on the streets. Later that night, Joel comes home and forgets the cake, upsetting Sarah, but the two share a lovely little moment of bonding over the gift she gave him.

While watching a movie together, Tommy calls Joel from prison and asks him to come and get him released. He reluctantly does this after putting Sarah to bed. That night, while Sarah is sleeping, loud noises occur outside, waking her up, prompting her to search for her father. However, after searching the house, she finds that he is not there. Next we see her going outside and next door where her neighbors have been killed and turned into some kind of zombie. Eventually Joel came and knocked the elderly neighbor unconscious.

The whole town has gone mad, not knowing what is happening. We follow Joel, Tommy and Sarah all over town trying to find a way out of town. Then the moment happens where we see Joel and Sarah face the army confrontation which results in her getting shot and just before Joel is next Tommy saves him. However, we see Sarah slowly fighting for her life. Honestly, this was an incredibly staged scene that felt like video game shot after shot. You know, we’ll be looking for moments like this throughout the series to bring us back into the game, and it was a perfect way to set that tone for us in episode one.

Fast forward twenty years later and we are in Boston. The town looks devastated as a little girl approaches and the guards escort her to the facility. Next we see Joel who works for the military and since he is getting paid he is looking for more work. Then we see Joel walking around and stumbling across an area where officials want to hang people for not following instructions. He turns and deals with one of the military men, who mentions a vehicle.

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Now we finally meet elliewho is chained to a radiator. Ellie isn’t thrilled and answers the lady’s question with sarcasm. Next, we see Joel talking to someone asking about communicating with Tommy, who he last heard from three weeks ago. Unhappy with how things are progressing, Joel asks the man for a map of the tower.

Tess informs Joel about this Robert sells their battery and he freaks out because they need it for the truck. She tries to comfort him by saying that they will make it. Next we meet Marlene, who tells her team they are going and taking the random girl (Ellie) west. She says whatever they need, whatever it takes, they will get her where she needs to go. Now, marlene and Veronica (Ellie) meet and she informs them of the plan to get them out of there.

While looking for their battery, they meet Marlene and Ellie, and things get difficult. Because of all the noise, Marlene tells Joel that it’s his job to get Ellie to where she needs to go. He discusses the plan with Tess. Afterwards, Tess says the deal is they get whatever they want before handing Ellie over. Otherwise they’ll kill her, says Marlene rightly. All of this leads to the intensely filmed sequence in which they attempt to leave town.

This was one of the better dramatic pilots we’ve seen in quite a while. They did a great job of capturing the game’s authentic moments. But then again, they did an excellent job of catching the attention of those who haven’t played it.

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