The location of the GTA Online Gun Van for January 14th, 2023 has been announced

The GTA Online Gun Van was added to the game this week, and players can finally purchase the fan-favorite Railgun from it. This shot is a mobile store that offers various guns at discounted prices.

However, the Gun Van spawns in different locations each day, meaning that the location it might spawn on any given day is random. Rockstar Games explained that the vehicle does this by stating the following in its latest Newswire post:

“Because of this gray market status, the speedometer has to move regularly in order not to attract too much attention.”

To help players with the time-consuming search for the vehicle, this article is sharing the exact coordinates of the GTA Online Gun Van for today, January 14th, 2023.

GTA Online Gun Van can be found in Tataviam Mountains today (January 14, 2023).

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As seen in the video attached above, the new location of GTA Online Gun Van is the Tataviam Mountains, a mountain range east of Los Santos. It is located between the Palomino Freeway and the Los Santos Freeway.

Once in the mountains, the Gun Van is on the left side of the path. The vehicle opens its rear doors to players as they approach it. A Gun Van icon will also appear on the game’s map once you are within 400 meters of the car.

There are two places of interest in the Tataviam Mountains:

  • Land Act Dam
  • Land Act reservoir

Players can also find the following stores in the local area:

  • 24/7
  • bishop chicken
  • Ammu nation
  • RON gas station

Although this mountain range is very similar to many other locations in the game, there is something that sets it apart.

The Tataviam Mountain Incident

In the Tataviam Mountain area, GTA Online’s famed Vinewood starlet actress Leonora Johnson was murdered in 1975. According to the game’s lore, Peter Dreyfuss kidnapped and tortured her before killing her by cutting off both her feet and hands.

On January 17, 1975, Los Santos police received an anonymous tip to reach the Tataviam Mountains, where they found her body next to the Land Act Dam. However, the police could not find any evidence against the perpetrator regarding her murder. The case was closed shortly thereafter.

Players can find full details of the case by visiting the following in-game website:

GTA Online Gun Van: Everything players should know

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GTA Online Gun Van is a Vapid Speedo Custom in which an unnamed person sells various weapons and armor at cheap prices. Players can buy new weapons like railgun or upgrade their existing arsenal. Players can also purchase ammo if they already own a weapon from the van’s list. While the dealer deals in many different types of items, he does not touch any of the Mk II weapons.

Here’s a full list of items players can find in the Gun Cart this week:

  1. baseball bat
  2. knife
  3. assault shotgun
  4. assault rifle
  5. SMG
  6. Compact EMP launcher
  7. Heavy sniper railgun
  8. role playing game
  9. combat shotgun
  10. proximity mines
  11. Molotov cocktails
  12. grenades
  13. Light armor
  14. Super Light Armor
  15. Heavy armor
  16. Super Heavy Armor
  17. standard armor

To differentiate the Gun Van from the Ammu-Nation, the developers have stated:

“Unlike its more regulated competitor, Ammu-Nation, all items in the Gun Van are sold at discounted prices and without the formality of rank requirements.”

The Gun Van is a great way to keep players busy in the open world of Los Santos and Blaine County. Players can expect to see much more Los Santos Drug Wars drip feed content to be released this year.

Full guides, walkthroughs, character info and more are here SK GTA Wiki

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