The Origin of Batman’s Butler season 3, episode 5 recap

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An entertaining episode, albeit a bit odd as there is no central story. Instead, it focuses on multiple mini storylines.

This HBO Max series summary Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler Season 3 Episode 5 “Rhyme ‘n’ Reason” contains spoilers.

By the end of the episode, it looked like trouble Thomas‘s father was over. But will there be more surprises in store for them? Read the summary below to find out.

Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler Season 3 Episode 5 Summary

It’s been a month since Thomas shot Martha, and he is plagued by nightmares about recent events. It drives Martha crazy and she points her gun at him. They are at odds – so much so that Martha feels betrayed that he chose his father over her. Mary is dressed nicely which leads to this alfie wonder where she goes It turns out she’s going to meet up with Roger, the same man who escaped in the previous episode.

Alfie goes to the Prime Minister’s office. And while the Prime Minister would love to jail Alfie for getting Thomas out of the Tower of London, Alfie is too valuable to him. Meanwhile, Patricia tells Martha and Thomas that she plans to stay with them. Are you happy about it? Absolutely not. When Alfie and Dave pursue Zahra, they save her from being shot. Bet keeps looking for Jon Salt. And that quest leads back to Frances Gaunt. But she has to make a choice. But as Frances puts it, if she wants Jon Salt’s whereabouts so badly, she’ll have to give up Julie. However, Bet loves Julie. But that’s apparently not why she won’t give them up. Bet claims it’s because she’s stubborn.

Alfie takes Zahra to a safe house, in other words one of the safest places in London, the public house. Thomas and Martha try to tell Patricia that staying in the house will make her uncomfortable. Soon after, Patricia reveals that her father told her to come home. It drives Thomas crazy and he tells Patricia not to mention her father again. Roger asks Mary to help him live an exciting life. So, at Mary’s request, they start dancing in the park.

The end

Armed men burst into the inn, but as there are only two, they are soon outnumbered. Then it turns out that Gary is one of the men. Alfie doesn’t want Gary to die and tells Zahra that Gary could lead her to the person who betrayed her. But she already knows who it is, her right guardian, Win. But instead of killing him, she asks who made him do it. And in the next scene, he’s gagged and tied up outside a hotel room.

In the next scene from pennyworth, Alfie and Zahra kiss and actually end up in bed together. There, Zahra talks about her reasons for being in town. Although her father is apparently dead, she has heard rumors that he is still alive – Alfie later speculates to Dave that they may have captured her father. When Martha wakes up, Thomas is gone. It turns out he’s boarding a plane to Gotham. At the end of the episode, Bet thinks she’s finally found Jon Salt. But when she follows him, he leads her into an alley. She shoots him multiple times shortly after he tells her he was rebuilt. Seconds later, he stands up and reveals that he has a robotic stomach, and his guards knock Bet out.

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