The Outlaws season 2, episode 4 recap


The outlaws is at its best when Jessica Gunning is the focus of the episode, plus Stephen Merchant remains the funniest player on the show.

This recap of the Amazon Original Series The Outlaws Season 2 Episode 4 contains spoilers.

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The outlaws Season 2 Episode 4 recap

At the Outlaws board meeting, Rani encounters Christian in prison, who has been abused and injured by the Dean’s goons. They have two weeks left and are currently on target, but they are low on products. Crack is their bestseller, in case you were wondering. Christian tells Rani how impressed he is. However, the Brookhill gang is operating, and Haines and co. are looking to build up a sting for the next two weeks. Rani assembles her team and assigns John, Gregory, Myrna and Frank to get supplies and cook up some refined crack cocaine tonight. The team protests, but Rani can’t help as she has to intimidate the local kids she hired to help the sale cross the finish line.

What happens next is the most embarrassing drug swap you’ll ever see. The Dean pulls up to the side of John’s car with Myrna. You can’t find real professional drug dealers these days. The Dean has to show John how to pay him with money in an envelope and pretend to drop his keys next to the tires. Then place it there. When they make the exchange, they drive away and a police officer stops them for driving 40 mph in a 30 mph zone. John begins to panic and sweat as the officer returns to his squad car to write the ticket. To help him, Myrna empties her bag and dumps several kegs of cocaine on the dashboard. Luckily they put it back before he could see it.

The rest of the team is on field trips, which leads me to believe the writers are trying to fill the script with a lot of fluff. While John helps cook the produce, Myrna has to attend a BJC meeting. Gabby arranges a trial date for Gregory with Diane. This may have been a way to get him out of his house as Gabby is trying to go back to her ex girlfriend because she is clean now – this must have been the reason for the break up. Frank and his daughter visit his ex-wife, who has dementia. In the end, she has health problems and has to go to the hospital. Eventually, Rani and Ben sit down with their parents to apply for a loan so they can open their own grocery store down by the beach in Western.

The end

As things progress, some exciting developments are unfolding. It looks like Diane and Gregory are having a great fun time. You attend a trivia night at a bar and he might be a grand champion at Jeopardy. Plus, she loves to win, so it’s a match made in heaven. John begins smoking the product with the cooks hired by The Outlaws. Rani’s parents are enjoying themselves, but when Ben leaves the room, they look down on him. When she asks for the loan, the mother is stunned that she still hasn’t gone to Oxford. After dinner, they appear to be checking on the surgeries, but don’t realize that Haines and her partner are there. They follow Rani and Ben as they drive away, but they still haven’t seen their faces.

Then all hell breaks loose. Haines pursues Rani and Ben. You have to shake them off by driving down a road under construction. However, Haines finds out that the car is being leased to Christian, but the duo burn the vehicle. Diane gets a call from the neighbor that something is going on in the center after 6 p.m. She lets Gregory drive her down, but when they get there he plants a kiss on her. She promptly sprayed him with pepper spray. This allows Myrna to sneak out of the cooking team. That includes John, who is now so tall as a kite he refers to himself as the “crack-hoe.” Finally, Frank says goodbye to his wife.

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