The Patient season 1, episode 9 recap

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Another expertly crafted episode plays with genre and tone to make a big impact.

This recap of The Patient Season 1 Episode 9, “Auschwitz” contains spoilers.

In many of the previous episodes of The patient, Alan dreamed of Auschwitz. At first it wasn’t clear why. That Hi The series was intentionally low on backstory, only flashing it in flashbacks between therapy sessions and murders. But in The patient episode 8, we learned about Alan’s son Ezra, his adherence to orthodox Judaism, and how his beliefs challenged Alan’s own—both those about parenthood and faith. In this context, the Auschwitz thing could be trying to see himself among the Jews who were being persecuted for their beliefs, and trying to find a way in the midst of that deep despair to reconnect with his own religious beliefs associate.

The Patient Season 1 Episode 9 recap

“Auschwitz” begins in this eponymous concentration camp and the Austrian psychiatrist Victor Frankl is there, as he was in real life for a while, and Alan wakes him up, which is not to be done to the founder of logotherapy. At Charlie, Alan posits why he might have done that. Perhaps there is a deep psychological reason. Perhaps, however, it’s more closely related to the whipped cream that Alan methodically whips up over and over again. The end is near, and sooner rather than later, Alan will have to violate at least one of his core beliefs. He will have to kill. Perhaps more importantly, he’ll have to kill a patient.

Alan tells Sam about Viktor Frankl. His whole thing was meaning, after all, and the deepest kind of meaning is found in relationships, which Sam has very few of. Aside from his mother, Mary is the only significant person in his life, so Alan starts by suggesting that if Sam had a girlfriend now that he’s trying so hard to change, the connection he feels for her , which could replace his darker obsessions. Neither Sam nor Alan are under any illusions – it’s a way of delaying the inevitable, but if it works in the meantime, why not try it?

Alan’s idea is for Sam to invite Mary over for brunch so he can watch their interactions via a nanny cam. He doesn’t actually expect it to work, but thinks that Mary, who is in the house, would be a good opportunity to hit Sam with his tube of foot cream and scream for help. Assuming, of course, that Candace doesn’t hit Mary in the head with a frying pan afterwards. It’s, as Charlie puts it, “AA Ave Mary with Mary.”

The episode puts a surprisingly comedic twist on all of this. Sam is absolutely childish in his dealings with others; his panic at it, his complete inability to hold a conversation, his embarrassing slaughter of Alan’s joke about the Englishman, the French and the Jew being sentenced to death, and his desperate need for Alan to coach him throughout the brunch. There’s a moment, a bit of real suspense out of nowhere, where it looks a lot like Alan’s about to make his move. But he doesn’t. He hears Charlie’s voice telling him he’s going to kill Mary. He remembers that he can only do one push-up. And he lets Sam go back upstairs to make the situation even more awkward by talking about his father beating him up. Defeated, Alan puts the cream tube away.

For a brief moment, the conversation seemed to be going well and I’m sure I even saw Alan smile a little.

Sam doesn’t know what to make of the whole thing. It was truly disastrous and only cemented the idea that he and Mary would never get back together. But his unsolicited mention of his father’s abuse gives Alan another idea; he explains how Sam needs to be more specific about addressing these feelings as his murderous tendencies are undoubtedly rooted in this relationship. When he kills other people, he’s actually trying to kill his father over and over again.

And that backfires significantly. It reminds Sam Edmund Kemper, the so-called “co-ed killer” who murdered six college students and eventually his abusive mother. “He fucked her skull,” Sam adds without any emotion. However, the idea is that for Kemper, the killing stopped once he addressed the source of the problem. Sam thinks Alan is suggesting they do the same. So he sets out to kill, decapitate and skull fuck his father. While he assures Alan that he’s joking about the last bit, I wouldn’t be so sure.

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