The Resort season 1, episode 4 recap – “A History of Forgetting”


Slower in pacing than the previous episodes but still a decent episode overall. Since most of the episode is based on the 2007 timeline, audience interest should remain as we learn more about the resort.

This summary of the Peacock series The Resort Season 1 Episode 4, “A Tale of Oblivion” contains spoilers.

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The resort Season 1 Episode 4 Summary

After the events of the previous episode of the resort, Emma tries to threaten Baltasar to reveal what happened to Sam and Violet. However, Baltasar laughs quite a bit at her accusation that he was behind her disappearance. And so, seemingly to prove his innocence, Baltasar recounts when he first met Alex, the resort’s owner. (Fun fact, the actor who plays Alex directed it the resort).

Baltasar says that he and Alex soon became friends; and that Alex made a home for everyone at the resort. Later, with something bothering Alex, he shows Baltasar his painting of the resort. He then asks Baltasar to help him pick up the shards as he loses the sense of who he is. And while Baltasar initially thinks he’s hiding that he’s a “Frías,” Alex reveals that he already knew; and adds that Alonso, Baltasar’s brother, offered Alex money to fire Baltasar. But Alex told him to fuck off.

Baltasar tells Emma and Noah that he never thought Alex could be a dangerous man. But as Baltasar explains, Alex became “Santa Claus” and something changed. On the day of Sam and Violet’s disappearance, Baltasar finds Alex with blood on his hands and in somewhat poor shape; and shortly thereafter, Alex startles the guests by telling them that the hurricane is heading straight for the hotel. Baltasar explains that he had to leave Alex to speak to Sam’s parents, who reported him missing. Carl, Sam’s father, reveals that he saw Sam looking at a picture and suggests that this is why Sam is missing.

When Baltasar goes through the hotel’s CCTV, he finds footage that suggests Sam and Violet fled from Alex, aka Santa Claus. To investigate further, Baltasar visits Murray, Violet’s father, to check on her. But when Murray checks on her, she doesn’t seem to have slept in her room. So Baltasar decides to track down Alex. He finds Alex painting in his room. Baltasar tells Alex that Sam and Violet are missing and that Alex was the last to see them. When Alex fails to provide any useful information, Baltasar reminds Alex that he had an altercation with the couple shortly before they disappeared. Baltasar begins to lose patience when he asks Alex, “What have you done?”.

The end

When Baltasar realizes that Alex has Sam’s skateboard, Alex tells him that the hurricane is on its way and will take care of their problems. As the weather worsens, Baltasar sees Alex undressing and walking towards the ocean. Alex then asks if it’s the end or just the beginning and runs into the water. And through quick snaps, The resort shows that Baltasar went after him. As the hurricane changes course as Alex predicted, Baltasar receives a call from Alex, “Sweet friend, I can see your face but I can’t remember your name.”

When the hurricane hits, chaos erupts among the guests; and Sam and Violet’s parents remain in panic over the whereabouts of their children. Baltasar and Luna are sitting together at the resort when Murray joins them; apparently all three have nowhere else to go. And then the hurricane hits.

Baltasar explains to Noah and Emma that the police came to investigate Sam and Violet’s disappearance after the hurricane, but no evidence was ever found. As Emma and Noah leave, Baltasar says he has one last thing to show them. They are also part of the painting.

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