The White Lotus season 2, episode 4 recap

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The Morning After the Night Before plays to Mike White’s strengths in what may be season two’s best episode yet.

This recap of The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 4 “In the Sandbox” contains spoilers.

It’s the morning after the previous night in Sicily, which is pretty much the same as anywhere else, only hotter. The mood remains; there’s a lot of guilt, a lot of shame, a lot of nausea, and a lot of trying to cover up the evidence.

The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 4 Summary

Ethan and Cameron mess up the last bit. After her night of debauchery episode 3, they rely on Bro Code and ignorance—both willful and feigned—to keep their secrets. Harper is back in the suite for five minutes before finding an empty condom wrapper they left behind.

However, Harper is not yet doing anything with this information. Instead, she gives Ethan plenty of opportunities to confess things himself. And he really should, because it was Cameron who slept with Lucia. He kissed Isabella, sure, but backed away from it, which they could probably think through if he were just being honest about it. No luck, and his secrecy only makes him look more guilty (and of course, there’s no way Cameron would be so closed off if the situation were reversed).

But this is the first instance of the episode’s recurring theme — relationships going downhill fast. Portia and Albie, the show’s cutest wannabe couple, both have wildly different suitors this week after their misunderstandings, bad timing and hesitations derailed their union at every turn. Portia, being dragged around by Tanya, ends up meeting an Essex geezer named Jack (Leo Woodall), which is everything she wanted from Albie but without the sensitivity. Meanwhile, Albie runs into Lucia quite by accident, and she obviously finds him sympathetic, ignoring Portia in her sudden dominance game.

By the way, the reason Tanya is lugging Portia around is because she’s trying not to think about where Greg is, so instead she finds solace in Quentin (Tom Hollander), Jack’s uncle, a charming and probably terrible Englishman who gives Tanya all the flattery she needs to keep going.

“In the Sandbox” also provides our first real clue as to who the body found in the premiere might be – at least one of them, since it’s implied there are several. But the most likely candidate is Giuseppe (Federico Scribani), the hotel’s creepy pianist. Isabella decides that she can accelerate her musical career by sleeping with him, but when she tries, he fails. To help, she gets what she thinks is V****a from Lucia, but since Lucia is too busy with Albie, she can’t distinguish between the V****a pills and the MDMA. Judging by the fact that a sweaty Giuseppe collapses during his evening performance, it seems Isabella gave him the latter.

This it seems to me is season 2 of The White Lotus really find a rhythm. I still think it’s way inferior to the first outing, but it gets there and you can see the seeds of what mike white is best in the beginning to bear fruit. Hopefully, once Harper does something with her knowledge of Ethan and Cameron’s extramarital affairs, things will heat up a little more.

You can watch The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 4, “In the Sandbox” exclusively on HBO.

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