The writers of The Lord of the Rings Online have released a roadmap for future updates for 2023

The authors of The Lord of the Rings Online published a letter on the game’s official website, telling players their plans for the future of the game and his plans for the next year.

Take a look at 2023 in WKO.

Welcome to the first Letter to the Player of the Year 2023. For those who don’t know me, I’m Allan Orion Maki, The Lord of the Rings Online Lead Systems Designer. Severlin and Cordovan have kindly allowed me to write this important letter and plan for our sixteenth year!

Before we dive into the transformation of 2023, I want to take a look back at the past year. This year, The Lord of the Rings Online took its name. The Before the Shadow mini-expansion introduced a new starting zone, a dive system, a new 6-player dungeon, skirmishes, and much more to the game. We saw some new and returning players and continued to expand our living Middle-earth.

But we are honest! It’s old news and you don’t want to read about the past. Read 2023.

Ambitious. This is the only word I used for Lord of the Rings Online’s 2023 goal. When we think about where we’re working on the game, there are areas, systems, and experiences that need attention and refinement. We understand that it is important to choose senior level and you should have new activities. By 2023, we aim to update some of these specs with today’s expectations, expanding the game world, story, and direction as we begin the next 15 years of our journey together.

As you may see, we are planning four content patches throughout 2023, some of which will each lead to the next major expansion by the end of the year:

Through 2023 we embark on an extended journey to the distant, familiar land of Angmar. More precisely, a picturesque city in the north of the earth, Karn-Dum, where there is toxic waste. There, in the shadow of the big city, the power vacuum draws in a diaspora of terrifying residents seeking semblance of leadership. New enemies are trying to seize power. The Free Men must stop the rise of the lone leader in a devastated city.

Return to Karn Dum introduces a new endgame instance pool with two 3-player instances, one 6-player instance, a new raid, and all the loot and rewards you can expect. In addition, we are expanding the diving system to Tam Mirdain’s library and school, and making more competitive rewards and rewards more attractive. We’re also making some gear balance changes to increase the difficulty of climbing stairs at the highest level.

Focus on more targeted class changes in the first update of the new year, with the Knight and Defender getting their first updates. This has less impact on the immediate experience on the terrain than playing on the ground and, more importantly, on the management of this resource in battles and raids.

We also plan to begin a crafting system overhaul that will continue throughout the year. Our ultimate goal is to split up our professions so players can choose which profession they want to learn and give crafters the opportunity to craft better or more competitive things through their professions and expand existing crafting systems that might not be hampered for long Time (yes-yes, mines, essences) and increasing the system.

Another focus is on the importance of festivals and events. As part of our return of Ill Omens, we’ll be expanding Spring Festival rewards, introducing new player vs. monster events in Etten Heights, and trying to design a new series of cyclical events centered around different crafting professions.

With the onset of spring and summer, we will focus on the growing enemy threat coming soon in our major expansion. Gondor needs help rebuilding and analyzing strange events. We will introduce a new version of Gondor. There will be no more eternal night and no more enemies from either side. However, threats remain unfounded and must be reversed. On the systems side, we will continue to work on targeted class updates including an update, a monster update, a new combat stat and more.

As Spring turns to Summer, Watching the Wings (tentative title) opens your days with new adventures, new Farmers Fair Festival rewards, new Bugan Event treasure rewards, and a larger diving system. We will be doing extras to the instances for the three players that come in Return to Karn. Future advances are expected, but as we prepare for expansion over the next quarter, we’ll soon see the change in monsters.

Exactly like I said.

Coming to the end of this first player letter for 2023 to talk about the planned expansion for the second half of the year. We don’t want to reveal more details just yet, but we still have to share a little more about our needs.

As we finished Against the Sun and looked to the future, we wondered where we would go and make the game. In short, we want to head south to get into a shallow sea. Across the salty sea, beyond the shore of La Lalla, lies Umbaru, one of the oldest cities. And that is the story of the coming days, dear readers. The writers of The Lord of the Rings Online have released a roadmap for future updates for 2023

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