This prevents Windows from slowing down

Although popular belief does not make it easy for Windows computers to slow down over time. So, if your computer shuts down slowly or suddenly starts hiccups, there can be some reasons for these problems. This time is important when the restart does not work even on the simplest computers. This prevents Windows from slowing down.

Windows doesn’t have to slow down over time! Don’t solve this problem now.

Make sure your application starts, right?

You can activate many apps when you turn on your PC. The problem is that many of them can slow down your computer. So it’s always a good idea to check that nothing is affecting the speed.

Finding out is easy. First use the Shift key.

The task manager will start immediately. Then switch to the Windows tab. There will be some applications here.

If you find that you don’t need a tool while doing this, you can disable it. Just click on the app and then press OK. In my case, for example, I had problems with Spotify, Cortana and Skype because I don’t always need them.

The pressure column mounted at the start seemed to me to be too good for a while, without measurements everywhere. If anything more powerful or heavier would appear, we should disable it.

Disable unnecessary background shackles.

First, look at the settings. This time, just click on the Windows 11 search and type settings. Turn right to Open.

Then click on one of the apps on the left. At the bottom of the page, press left and drag over the arrow.

An app list will appear somewhere. Click the three dots right in front of the application you want to switch to, then go to Advanced options.

Agora gets an entrada background app permission.

There are three options, right? Select either Always and Energy optimized. Even if you want to keep this app running in the background, you can choose Never. If it’s not recommended, choose “Always” if you want it to run for some reason.

When the process is complete, close Settings.

Stop following them.

First open the Windows settings. You would rather click Settings to open an account. Of course you can use the Keys-Meyte as well as Windows +i to make it even faster.

Now with the settings open select the Accessibility option in the sidebar. Then click Visual Effects on the left.

In this setting, toggle the transparency effects to the Off button. It seems impossible to find the windows after all.

When it’s done, you can close Settings. Now if you want to turn off the transparencies, just take a walk on the steps above again. The button is meant to be pressed so it becomes easy to slide.

The good thing about Windows 11 is customization. In fact, despite some of our many features and aesthetic improvements, we can still disable them. All to make it closer to Windows 10. Nothing should be dismissed completely without agreement. The taskbar has a disadvantage if it is older than the previous version. Microsoft is trying to create a very powerful operating system that is easier to use and more attractive to the eye.

Disabled Widgets in Windows 11.

en masse.

The first step you can use is to disable the widgets in the Windows settings. This method is first on the list because it is the easiest.

To do this, you need to open the Microsoft Windows settings. Enter the definitions in the search bar and then open on the right side of the window. The first search shows you how to write widgets.

On the left you can select the personalization option. Or this is the taskbar.

At this time there are several options. To toggle the widgets, simply toggle the switch to an off button.

The Widgets button should now be ejected from the taskbar, so the functionality is disabled.

You can then submit a transcript at the latest.

The second way to disable widgets is to use the registrar. The second step is saving.

First, type a registry in Windows search. The menus on the right will open.

Now navigate to ComputerHKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAdvancedAdvanced.

Search the list for Taskbarda. When you find it, double click on it.

There is a change menu on your screen that you can use to change the value. All you have to do is change the value digit from 1 to 0. When finished, click OK to confirm the change.

Follow the cleaning advice.

All we did was research and then start writing a list of storage or cleaning recommendations. Click on the left side and then simply click Open in the image below.

There is a window on the computer. I focus on temporary files.

Now look for the cleaning recommendations section. In the photo below we can recover up to 5GB of disk space.

In this way we can clean the previous Windows installation, downloads and the recycle bin.

Of course, we can still see other information such as large or unused files and unused applications.

Again, the first part is the most important. If you don’t think you can go back to Windows 10, start by cleaning up your previous Windows installations. We have six grandchildren. The same applies to transfers and recycling. We occupied about 9 GB of storage space.

However, if you’re really concerned, we can go through some other sections.

With everything selected, just click on the Delete option.

Then a window will appear to permanently delete the files and their data. Now just click Next.

The process will start and we can follow the process in the cleaning recommendation window. I wonder if we can still do things in Windows. This prevents Windows from slowing down

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