To save money on games such as Xbox Games Pass is crucial for everybody Readers Feature Feature is important

Game Pass is definitely worth the money (Image: Microsoft)!

A reader predicts that the global energy and financial crisis will change the game forever and Xbox will benefit.

No matter how tempting I am, I don’t want to think into politics here because it distracts me from my perspective. But let’s assume that everyone in the house will have a very difficult winter this year, and those who are less devoted to him will despair of what will happen to them. With such a bleak outlook, it seems futile to worry about video games, but finding ways to save some cash will be a major concern for many in the coming months.

Of course, every gamer is already good at getting cheap games, from knowing it to waiting a few months before games become available and using sales to offer both digital and physical games. However, the rise of digital devices has brought second-hand games into the focus of the masses. Alright, it’s easy for anyone to see what they’ve given away by embracing digitization so extensively.

You can now save a lot of money on games namely Game Pass and much less money on PS Plus Plus and Premium. Games are already popular, but this economic crisis that apparently ended last year will make them such an indispensable part of a gamer’s life that the entire world of gaming will be changed forever.

The reasons are not easy. For surprisingly little money you get hundreds of games, mostly of high quality. Xbox is all game to take on day one. The cheapest buyout is now indie. But that’s nothing because they don’t have new ones. Now that developers start building new games, and with the Activision Blizzard buyout ending, people will have access to dozens of top-notch games for the price of an indie title.

Sony has something much more premium than PS Plus or Premium, but it doesn’t have games from day one and backwards compatibility is a lot less complex. I think it’s a much less complete service and they took care of that. But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t want it at all.

It can be said that Microsoft has only just begun to make it a success. I’d appreciate those opinions at the moment and that doesn’t mean they’re on the right side and the value of Game Pass will likely push them past Sony and even Nintendo.

The implications of this are enormous. First of all, it would mean that a US company, which was the first in the gaming industry since the 80s, with its competitive development is able to reach this level of excellence. We’ve already seen that almost all of the studios they bought were American, and if that works, they’ll stick with it.

But the impact will run deeper, as the success of GamePass makes the idea of ​​taking over the first day of the game seem archaic. Of course, it will make the idea of ​​buying games look dated. That will completely undermine Sony’s business model and become Microsoft’s from the start.

The idea of ​​taking a full price for the game, which can be obtained for a third of the amount of the entire game, will not seem so crazy to people in the future and the money will not go back. I have no doubt that gaming won’t be last-gen’s spending priority in the coming months, but the Xbox and Game Pass are the only ones that will benefit.

Damien Day, author of the book, was not born.

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