Top self-improvement tips to improve your quality of life in 2022

Start your meal with a green salad

Nutritional therapist Alex Allan recommends eating non-starchy vegetables first or starting your meal with a green salad. “Research shows that this can prevent you from getting a spike in blood sugar and the corresponding spike in insulin that can lead to fat storage,” she says.

“It can also keep you from having all those ‘hangry’ and irritable feelings that you might otherwise get a few hours after eating. Plus, these foods are high in fiber, low in calories, and high in nutrients, often making you feel full faster.”

Swap your evening G&T for a half-gin, half-alcohol mix

If you regularly have a gin and tonic before dinner, your 12oz Gordon’s will give you 73 calories and one unit of alcohol – but if you use half Gordon’s and half Gordon’s alcohol-free gin, you’ll get under 40 calories, half a alcohol unit and marginal change in taste .

Buy smaller bottles of wine

Non-alcoholic wines can be poor substitutes for real wines, and drinking in moderation is difficult when half a bottle is beckoning you from the fridge. A 375ml bottle – half the standard 750ml size – gives you the ability to have a little of what you want while doing less damage when you polish off the crowd.

A normal bottle of wine contains 10 units. So if you split one between two, four nights a week, you’re already exceeding the recommended 14 units a week. Sharing half a bottle four nights a week will keep you under 14 units and save you 600 calories.

Eat soup for lunch

Research suggests that eating the same food in soup format, rather than as a plate of objects, makes you feel fuller longer and less likely to snack. This is believed to be because the liquid in the soup is held in the stomach while the solid nutrients are digested, causing the stomach wall to stretch and suppressing the production of the hunger hormone ghrelin.

Rearrange your closets

according to dr Brian Wansink, author of Mindless Eating, the easier it is to see something, the more likely you are to eat it. So if you’re trying to cut back on chocolate and sweets, put them in a box at the back of the cupboard or fridge behind healthier snacks.

Make a commitment not to eat in front of the TV

If you’re distracted while eating, your brain probably doesn’t recognize how much you’re consuming or when to stop. Research from the University of Birmingham shows that we eat up to 25 percent more when we’re not concentrating on our food, so cutting out mindless TV really helps.

How to train better in 2022

There are many easy ways to get more active, so why not try some of them.

Get your kit out

Research shows that the morning is the best time to exercise because it predisposes you to burning fat and helps kickstart your body clock. If you plan to exercise first, fitness trainer Liam Cavanagh recommends keeping your gear in a visible place. “This serves as a cue to get you thinking about your training and makes it a little easier to prepare for launch,” he says.

Stand if you can

Many of us are incredibly sedentary, which causes inflammation to rise in the body and actually ages us faster. The answer is to get up whenever you can. Can’t face a standing desk? Instead, commit to standing on your commute, aim for standing meetings, or even stand for half of your favorite television program.

Pick things up with your feet

Eliza Flynn, personal trainer and founder of The Warrior Method — a system for training your mind and body for everyday “fighting” — points out that neglected feet can lead to flat feet, which can cause constant pain. To train them, enter the house barefoot and use your toes to pick up everything from socks to dropped cutlery. It will also help build better balance and coordination and reduce the risk of injury in the long run.

Go up escalators

You’ve heard it all before: take the stairs if you can and go up escalators. According to Liam Cavanagh, it’s not just about burning extra calories, it’s something that helps you identify as a healthy person — and the more you identify as a healthy person, the more likely you are to adopt other healthy habits .

sit down get up

The next time you get up from a chair, pay attention to whether or not you’re using your hands. If this happens, try to stand and sit unassisted. Mastered that? Try with just one leg. “This helps work on core, leg, and back strength,” says Eliza Flynn. “One-legged sitting and standing is fantastic for building leg strength and core stability.”

Start your day with an eight-minute stretch

Rosaria Barreto, exercise scientist and personal trainer, recommends, when you’re doing nothing else, a daily stretching routine to improve your range of motion, reduce joint pain, and minimize muscle tension. This means that as you get older, you fall less often and are more likely to remain independent. Find a routine on YouTube or look up the Five Tibetan Rites – a form of yoga. Top self-improvement tips to improve your quality of life in 2022

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