Tow Truck Driver Warned About Woman He’s Picking Up; Thankfully, He Noticed This One Detail

A Chicago tow truck driver named Antonio Coria got a lot more than he bargained for after a routine service call took a horrific turn.

Little did he know at the time that the woman he was taking was a murder suspect.

Suspect Sandra Kolalou called Coria to pick up her SUV in another part of town. According to KABC-TV, she left her apartment building after speaking to police and was carrying a black garbage bag when she got into Coria’s truck.

While Kolalou initially seemed good, she did mention that she had a falling out with her landlady, Frances Walker.

Walker had not been heard from since the fight, which witnesses said took place around 2:30 a.m. They alerted the police, and Walker was reported missing.


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Fearing for the tow driver’s safety, one of the tenants called the number on Coria’s business card.

The renter warned Coria in Spanish, reportedly saying: “I feel like it [Kolalou] must have something to do [Walker] because she’s gone now… So please be careful.”

Coria had a strong feeling that something wasn’t right about the whole situation. He later explained that he “felt there was an evil presence here in the truck.”

Unbeknownst to Coria, the black bag Kolalou was carrying was filled with bloody rags.

Kolalou attacked Coria with a pocket knife after she tried to use Walker’s credit card to pay Coria.

The police were already there and the attacker was arrested.

After not seeing Walker all day, the tenants reported her as a missing person and police came to interview potential witnesses.

Kolalou initially refused to speak to police, citing her “rights,” but eventually she allowed a quick search of her home, which came out clean.

According to WFLD, the other tenants made it clear that they were tired of Kolalou. Chicago Police Department Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan relayed those fears, stating, “A lot of the renters who lived in that house were scared of that person.”


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After Kolalou was arrested, police searched the suspect’s room and found a large amount of blood. This led to them finding Walker’s dismembered remains in a freezer.

When she was arrested, Kalalou invoked her right to remain silent.

Police obtained a search warrant to further analyze Walker’s home, where they found more blood, including bloodied knives.

Kolalou was charged on Wednesday with first-degree murder and concealment of manslaughter.

Based on the preliminary evidence, police have claimed that Walker was murdered in her bedroom. She was then dismembered on the first floor of the apartment building.

An eviction notice given to Kolalou by Walker is suspected as the motive.

The text messages from Walker’s phone, actually typed by Kolalou, were important clues for the tenants. According to the Chicago Sun Times, the “extremely unusual” news stated that Kolalou would be looking after Walker’s dog and that if anyone moved out, they should give her their keys.

This came after tenants allegedly heard the two women get into an argument.

Police were quick to praise the tenants for their cooperation and diligence. “The residents were very cooperative. Hearing the scream upon waking up in the morning, they immediately started texting the victim…started calling the victim. The victim didn’t answer.

“There were some texts sent back from the victim’s phone. From what we now know, the defendant sent text messages from the victim’s phone and didn’t answer,” Deenihan said, according to WFLD. Tow Truck Driver Warned About Woman He’s Picking Up; Thankfully, He Noticed This One Detail

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