Trolley Season 1 Episode 9 Summary

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A slow-burning episode that methodically ramps up the drama.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Trolley Season 1 Episode 9 which contains spoilers.

A much more subtle rate, Car episode nine gives us a lot of revelations but strategically places them throughout the episode rather than throwing in a big cliffhanger at the end. It’s obvious now where the show is going, but it will be fascinating to see which part Gwi-soon (Won Mi-won) could play in the proceedings as she may feel more sympathy for them Seung-hee (Ryu Hyun-kyung) go forward.

Trolley Season 1 Episode 9 Summary

with Hye-joo detect ji hoon’s suicide was no accident, she rushes to confrontation sooo am, only to find her houseguest left without a word. All of this leaves the book restorer distraught, and she eventually becomes overwhelmed by their argument Yeo-jin enters the house. “I really have to find her,” Hye-joo says to her friend, who desperately wants to know the context behind Ji-hoon’s ominous messages.

When Yeo-jin floats around that Soo-bin is an unreliable witness and points out the “difficult relationship” between her and Ji-hoon, Hye-joo still insists on finding the boy. Suddenly, however, the close friends are interrupted by a call from a customer of the book restorer. At the same time, Soo-bin pays a visit to her mother, who seems more concerned about what will happen to her daughter’s unborn baby than her health.

When Soo-bin challenges her mother, obviously distressed that she didn’t even call when she found out about her pregnancy, things don’t go according to plan. Because their parents are just warning them to stay away Yun-seo (her other daughter) and wonders if she’s “being forced to do things you don’t want for money,” leaving things completely unresolved between the two. Outside, tears are streaming down Soo-bin’s face.

While Hye-joo struggles to keep her composure as she watches a customer rave about a restored baby book next to her son, Yeo-jin sits thoughtfully, knowing she is keeping a secret for Soo-bin. When the book restorer says goodbye to her customer, she calls Joong-do in a blind panic before collapsing to the ground.

At the hospital, Joong-do takes care of his wife and asks Yeo-jin to keep everything a secret Yoon-seo. “I’m sorry. I didn’t want you to know,” the deputy tearfully tells Hye-joo, taking responsibility for not telling the truth about Ji-hoon’s suicide, even though his intentions were good. Besides, here we see that at one point, woo jae had suggested that the hidden phone could be used to “pin” Soo-bin on the death of Joong-do’s son.

After seeing Seung-hee propose an alliance between himself and her Seung-kyu Parents, with the aim of tackling Joong-do and his wife “together as victims”, we cut to Soo-bin. Thinking about it alone, she seems struck by the fact that she escaped from Hye-joo’s house and kept her miscarriage a secret from the woman who is so nice to her. In the meantime, Hyeong-tae meets up with the person Soo-bin has been keeping an eye on as this shady duo tries to figure out their connection to Joong-do for good.

Next, Joong-do tries to calm his wife down by telling her that they shouldn’t “torture themselves” thinking that Ji-hoon’s suicide was along the same lines as Seung-ho’s or Seung- kyu. Hye-joo is then given full access to her deceased son’s cell phone, on which she can now find pictures of him. Elsewhere, ki-jung is more exposed to Yoo-sin’s moans because he hasn’t solved her land speculation problems yet.

In a flashback, we see how Seung-kyu’s parents actually turned down the chance to meet Seung-hee. This is because they just want to put their ordeal behind them as their late son’s former partner is a “call girl”. Currently, however, Seung-hee cynically suggests to her husband that if a sex worker were illegally filmed, some people would think “she caused it herself”. So maybe this situation isn’t quite over yet.

When he returns home, an emotional Hye-joo hugs Yoon-seo. At the same time, Joong-do coolly tries to claim that he was being generous to Soo-bin by not showing her an unsent message from Ji-hoon, but admits that he may have used the messages against the boy one day.

Moving on, Soo-bin’s mother takes a call on the phone her daughter left behind and hears that it is someone posing as the boy’s friend. So the shopkeeper is curious if this is the father of her child’s baby. Elsewhere, Hye-joo visits Ji-hoon’s memorial along with a dejected, sad Joong-do.

As Seung-hee prepares to take matters into his own hands and write a draft of the illegally filmed sex worker, Hye-joo stops by to see the eternally grateful Gwi-soon at the mill. Here, the book restorer carefully listens to the elders’ concerns and comforts their distress that people cannot understand that she is working to earn a living, distracting her from her granddaughter’s suicide.

Abruptly, Woo-jae receives a call from reporter Yeong-su, and it is clarified that the story about Seung-kyu’s partner as a sex worker was published. So Joong-do is called to work, where he finds that online public opinion has turned against him. “Nothing is going as planned,” shouts the lawmaker, furious that his proposed amendment is unlikely to pass now and that his staff failed to take up Namgoong Sol with this background. Then Joong-do apologizes in pain and wishes for some time to think.

While Hye-joo works up the courage to look at Ji-hoon’s phone and scroll through the pictures of her son and his partner looking happy, Soo-bin confronts her mother about her phone being gifted to a girl born with this alleged friend of hers communicates. However, there is clearly a deeper problem here, as the boy panics that this person may have been told about her pregnancy. Incidentally, in the following scene, Hye-joo realizes that Soo-bin hasn’t canceled her old phone after all, so she contacts her deceased houseguest.

At dinner with Ki-young, Seung-hee is interrupted by a phone call from Seung-kyu’s father, who fumes that news that his son’s partner is a sex worker has leaked online. “I’m going to sue you,” he says bitterly, though Yoo-sin’s daughter denies that she was involved in exposing the story that led to the deceased medical student’s renewed “disgrace.”

As it turned out, it was actually Hyeong-tae, a former client of Namgoong Sol, who revealed this private information. Delighted with his right-hand man’s work, Soon-hong now believes it is the right time to “blackmail Joong-do about his wife’s past and tell him to stop bothering with the real estate speculation.” public opinion should remain consistent next few days. However, Woo-jae has already responded to the online discourse by releasing the video he filmed of Seung-kyu’s father physically interacting with Joong-do in a hospital.

Woo-jae and Hyeong-tae argue in an elevator. The former throws in a subtle remark that his opponent might be the main advisor accused of having sex, while the latter lets slip that he is aware of Soo-bin’s presence in Joong-do’s house. In this scene, we see that Soo-bin has a history with Hyeong-tae as he recalls their direct connection to a con man who rips off dishonorable politicians for money.

Next, Woo-jae brings items from Hye-joo’s crashed car to the house before an unexpected visit from Gwi-soon interrupts the proceedings. The elder is genuinely upset, convinced that the deputy is using her, and feels “betrayed” when he visits Seung-kyu’s mother. “If you’ve used Sol to your advantage, I won’t let you get away with it,” Gwi-soon says gruffly, before cutting ties with Joong-do entirely.

Joong-do reflects on his bad luck and hears from Woo-jae that he had was advised not to visit Seung-kyu’s mother. “Everything a politician does sends a message. Please don’t ever try to explain your intentions again,” says the consultant, who knows the fitter is technically at fault. At the same time, Hye-joo watches the footage of her husband being physically assaulted and then apologizes to him for not noticing his struggles when he returns to the house.

end explained

In the midst of their embrace, Hye-joo sees the large bruise on Joong-do’s body, prompting her to apologize until the two become intimately involved in their feelings. Meanwhile, Soo-bin uses a payphone to contact the man she was once connected to in hopes of getting her phone back. But as we can see, the shady character has already been tapped into by Hyeong-tae. After that, the episode ends with Joong-do proclaiming his love for his wife, and a flashback shows how the MP secretly worked with Woo-jae to get footage of his now viral argument at the hospital.

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