Ugandan Woman Murdered by Stepmother for Committing Her Life to Christ is the Latest Victim in a String of Attacks on Christians in Uganda

On September 18, 23-year-old Namata Habiiba attended a church service with a friend where she committed her life to Christ.

That evening, after confessing her new faith to her Muslim stepmother, the young woman ate her last meal.

Habiiba’s stepmother had poisoned her.

The young woman, who has lived with her stepmother Namu Sauya since the death of her parents in 2019, had done what is often met with horrific acts of domestic violence and murder in Uganda.

That is, she converted from Islam to Christianity in a region of the world where abandoning the Mohammedan religion is considered by many to be justifiably punishable by death.


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Her cruel stepmother, who now appears to have fled, took it upon herself to carry out this evil act of Islamic vigilante justice in just the latest example of such violence, Morning Star News reported.

Uganda has been the scene of many such killings for some time, and often buried under the headlines of Western culture wars, stories of Christians being attacked or killed for their faith have flowed out of the country in a steady stream.

Last year, on his way home from market, the aged Bishop Francis Obo was killed by several men angry that he had led a number of Muslims to Christ.

In June last year, Hajat Habiiba Namuwaya, a former Islamic teacher who converted to Christianity after a pastor prayed for her when she was suffering from breast cancer, was beaten by her own father and forced to drink poison, which she cites Koran verses denounced.

In December 2021, young mother Shamira Nakato was hanged along with her two young children after her husband found out she had attended church and given her life to Christ.

Last month a group of evangelists were thrown overboard a ship and drowned by a group of angry Muslim passengers after refusing to renounce their Christian faith.

Just days before Habiiba’s death, an outraged husband beat his young wife and left her after finding out she had been at a vigil the night before.

A few weeks later, evangelists were stabbed in an attack after leading several Muslims to Christ during a debate.

In June, a father killed his own daughter the day she wanted to receive Christ.


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These are just a few examples of the ongoing violence against converts to Christianity and against Christian evangelists in Uganda, documented by Morning Star News, a newspaper that reports global law enforcement.

Though the nation is a majority Christian country, the country’s concentrated Muslim population in the country’s eastern region has long exerted a powerful – and violent – influence on its communities, particularly when it comes to members who are leaving Islam for Christ to accept

Open Doors USA has described these districts as “essentially a self-governing Sharia fiefdom” thanks to Uganda’s decentralized system of government.

According to Islamic Sharia, both apostasy and any criticism of Islam are punishable by death. Today we see Sharia law being enforced both legally through the hands of the government, as is the case in countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran, and socially, as is being demonstrated in Uganda and dozens of other countries.

The worst country in the world to be a Christian, according to Open Doors USA’s World Watch List 2022, is Afghanistan, where even before the Taliban takeover in 2021, clan loyalty and a strict Islamic culture made life as a public Christian impossible – and fatally converted to the faith of Islam.

In Uganda, Voice of the Martyrs stated: “Christian converts from Islam face pressure from family members and harassment in Muslim communities.”

“Several young people who converted to Christianity were severely beaten and injured by parents or parishioners,” said the humanitarian organization, which was founded by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, who survived years of torture in Soviet prisons in Romania.

“Pastors and churches were attacked and some converts were killed after their faith became known. The children of families leaving Islam are no longer welcome in school. In some areas, local laws are being enacted to restrict the spread of Christianity or confiscate church lands,” the group noted.

The fact that Uganda is reportedly 84 percent Christian makes the aggressive influence of its Muslim minority all the more chilling.

Thanks to the continued influence of dictator Idi Amin, who tried to “Islamize” the country along the lines of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi in the 1970s, the Ugandan parliament has passed Islamic banking laws that favor Muslim groups, while Arab nations entered the Central African nation Investing encourages Muslim interest.

Meanwhile, as in many destabilized African countries such as Nigeria, Mali, Burkina Faso and Mozambique, ISIS-backed fighters roam weakly governed areas, killing and kidnapping Christians and ravaging villages in territorial battles.

“Despite the risks, evangelical churches in Uganda have responded by reaching out to their neighbors; Many churches are training leaders on how to share the gospel with Muslims and care for those who are persecuted after becoming Christians,” noted the Voice of the Martyrs.

In modern American culture struggles, it can be easy to see our beliefs as a rallying cry against those who oppose our values ​​and support our policies. We cannot take lightly the fact that the top ideological agenda of the Democratic Party is rapidly leading to persecution of First World Christians, as differing views on issues such as sex, gender and abortion are already causing disturbing violations of religious freedom and freedom violent threats and targeted political attacks by the federal government.

In reality, we are not fighting against our flesh-and-blood ideological or religious opponents, but against the lies that blind them to the truth of Christ.

Ugandan Christians, demonstrating a humbling love of the gospel, choose to follow Christ in the face of immense social pressure to continue following Islam and display the deep faith of early church martyrs such as Stephen, Paul, Polycarp and Perpetua, the latter of whom faced literal lions in front of an outraged crowd instead of declaring their beliefs to the world.

The thing about truth, even more so the glorious truth of the Lordship of Jesus Christ, is that it remains true no matter how many outraged masses clamor to stamp it out, and nothing defeats the powers and principalities of darkness that are our true enemies serve as confessing the truth in the face of the world’s onslaught, no matter the cost.

I strongly encourage you to pray with me for the Christians in Uganda, Afghanistan, North Korea, Pakistan, Sudan, Yemen, China and every other country where the decision to follow Jesus around the world may cost them their lives, including Christians here at home we face an ever-expanding culture that imposes stubborn compromises in the name of “tolerance” and “love.”

Those who deny the name of Christ can never defeat those who profess him, but we as Christians know that Jesus died for them too, so let us proclaim his love to the nations by being unshakable before all his truth bow no matter what the cost. Ugandan Woman Murdered by Stepmother for Committing Her Life to Christ is the Latest Victim in a String of Attacks on Christians in Uganda

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