Uncontrolled borders and immigration do increase risks to Britain

SIR – The Scene: Recording Studios IBC, London, 1964.

Two trumpeters enter – myself and Eddy Blair.

We are confronted with a music stand, two blank manuscript pages and two pencils. Mick Jagger asks us to join in and play something that fits and adds to the recording. He turns to the Rolling Stones and tells them not to worry as these guys are top session musicians.

I’ve often wondered what became of these recordings. Thanks to Patrick Sawer I know now. The bands have been collecting moss for 52 years!

Ray Davies London NW3

Southern speech needs a dose of Yorkshire T

SIR – Marian Crossley from Surrey complains that the letter T is missing from the language.

I think if she goes to Yorkshire she’ll find the lost letters and some spare parts.

David Nesbit Irthlingborough, Northamptonshire

SIR: The most irritating T to me is the one in Coulthard. So many moderators say coul-t-hard instead of coul-th-ard.

Please ask David how to pronounce his name and then follow what he says.

Johanna Armstrong Devizes, Wiltshire

SIR – Could we extend our search to the missing -ed?

Last week I went to a place for lunch where the menu offered mashed potatoes.

Maria Barett Orpington, Kent

SIR – What about the L that’s gone from the word vulnerable?

Richard Statham Langport, Somerset

SIR – Marian Crossley is rightly concerned about the deterioration of spoken English.

I also find it disgusting to hear that broadcasters – on both BBC and satellite channels – omit the letter L from their pronunciation.

It is excruciating to listen to the likes of Nasser Hussain discuss England’s Middau Order, or other moderators refer to a looming crisis in Britain’s hospitaws.

Paul Telling Farnham, Surrey

SIR – Yes, T is lost and G is dying, along with words like “me” (I’m overused) and “before” (which has been replaced with “ahead of”).

So sad to see her go.

Alison Roscoe Harrogate, North Yorkshire

landline alive

SIR – The landline is alive and kicking in rural Hampshire. Our mobile phone reception is so bad that we have to call outside in the garden, whatever the weather. So I don’t have a mobile plan and am saving £20-40 a month. Our landline rental is much cheaper.

It costs me to call cellphone numbers, either from my cellphone or landline. We have free calls to landlines, so I always prefer to use them. For young people who don’t have a landline number, I text them (or email them for free) for 10p and ask them to ring my landline number. With their expensive cell phone packages, it doesn’t cost them anything extra to call me back.

Judi Lerwill Harris Martyr Worthy, Hampshire

SIR – The Bouygues Telecom line at my home in France gives me high speed broadband, 150 TV channels, unlimited free calls to French mobiles and unlimited free calls to other landlines in 120 countries. This allows me to have extensive conversations with friends in Buenos Aires and Auckland.

It all costs me just over £21 a month. Other French providers can keep up. British telephone companies have some catching up to do.

Paul Eataugh Reading, Berkshire

SIR – Maybe soon I won’t have to pay for a landline I don’t use. Good news. I wouldn’t mind not paying a license fee for BBC channels either, which I don’t want to watch either, given the choice.

Kevin Wright Harlow, Essex

Old enough to abstain

SIR – It appears that one group most likely to vote in favor of Brexit is the over-50s age group, which includes many, even the majority, of Conservative Party members and supporters.

This age group’s life is least affected by choice. Since the case for leaving or staying is delicate and a vote to leave is irreversible, it would be fairer to leave the decision to the next generation, whose lives will be radically affected.

I am not confident enough at this point to oblige my children and grandchildren to live outside the EU.

Richard Howe London SW13

SIR – As a Eurosceptic and contemporary in Sir Nicholas Soames’ school, I confess I remember times when I thought he too needed a kick.

Rev Philip Foster Hemingford Abbots, Huntingdonshire

Clinton’s style Uncontrolled borders and immigration do increase risks to Britain

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