Unrealistic government appeal for public projects to use British steel 

SIR – I have read with dismay that the Olympic bell will never be rung again (Report, April 2). What a waste and what a disappointment.

Certainly the place for it is in the Tower of London, on the banks of the River Thames, and it rings at 12 noon on important anniversaries – starting with the Queen’s birthday.

Nick Cussons
Bride, Isle of Man

SIR: I’m sure there would not be a single complaint if the Olympic bell were transported to Windsor and rung on April 21 to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday.

How can such a beautiful bell never be rung again?

Linda Ham
Alton, Hampshire

SIR – How sad to learn that the Olympic bell has been silenced due to noise pollution concerns. Someone dropped a ringer.

Peter Robinson
Guildford, Surrey

Grandma Flat Tax

SIR – “Granny Flats” (report, April 2) are invariably provided with a planning restriction in accordance with Circular 11/95, paragraph 47, to the effect that “the extension/building shall not be used for any purpose other than residential occupancy of [principal dwelling]“.

As a result, the annexe/building cannot be sold as an independent apartment. As you point out, this means that it is not covered by the higher stamp duty.

Heinrich Spear
Nettleham, Lincolnshire

horns dilemma

SIR – You are reporting that a violist is suing the Covent Garden Opera House for hearing damage.

In the 1970s I was a horn player with the English National Opera. A guest conductor insisted on placing the horn section a meter away from the timpani, with the bells right next to us.

This arrangement gave us a lot of grief from the noise, and the vibrations even caused pain at the bases of our lips.

I told the conductor to no avail, so I contacted our music director, Sir Charles Groves, who immediately understood and repositioned us.

Barrie North
Dartford, Kent

legal fiction

SIR – It was okay that DI Lindsay Denton came back to surprise us in Line of Duty.

But what is that odd criminal process where a convicted person can appear before a judge and jury again, acknowledging that they have been found guilty at a previous trial, but insisting they were not guilty and wanting to try again to be acquitted? ? In 40 years at the bar I’ve never encountered such a how-de-do.

Charles Lewis
London N2

pocket £45,000

SIR – If MPs fail to provide receipts for their £45,000 annual expense allowance, shouldn’t the Inland Revenue tax that money as income?

Or do MPs have different income tax rules than the rest of us?

David Brinkman
Poole, Dorset

Talk down Britain

SIR – The Prime Minister and the Chancellor are behaving with an irresponsibility that in my experience is unique among Conservative leaders. By personally choosing to lead the Remain campaign, and doing so through the use of largely unfounded fear propaganda, they are harming the country’s economy.

They create a drop in business confidence that can be used as a reason to persuade people to vote to stay in the EU. It is unacceptable for the leaders of any government to behave in this way.

The real economic role of government is to maximize the economic well-being of the state. This government should make it clear at all times that it will do everything it can to ensure the UK economy is as resilient as possible, whether inside or outside the EU.

For example, if she believes there is a risk that international financial institutions might consider relocating from London in a vote to leave the EU, she should publish the broad plans that each relevant government will have to ensure that this does not happen. This includes using the new freedoms to improve the tax, regulatory and supportive environment for such businesses.

Instead, the government’s position is that if it votes to leave, it would effectively punish the UK economy by not making any effort in that direction.

GJ Wales
Bishopsbourne, Kent

Stupid doping

SIR – Premier League footballers often have tired legs after 90 minutes and are exhausted when they have to play two games a week.

When any performance-enhancing drugs are prescribed, they don’t seem to work.

Jim Sutherland
Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire

A sip…

SIR – My son-in-law was very happy to tell me on Friday that he saw the first swallows of the year here. He says he’s seen two of those welcome signs of summer’s return. I think it was the same bird twice.

The pattern is the same every year: a single visit and a few days later the gradual arrival of our usual breeding colony. In any case, this year is the earliest arrival here that we can remember.

Anthony of Launay
West Chiltington, Sussex

Zaha Hadid built expensive sculptures

https://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/2016/04/03/letters-unrealistic-government-appeal-for-public-projects-to-use/ Unrealistic government appeal for public projects to use British steel 


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