Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Episode 4 Summary

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Season 2 Episode 4 marks an entertaining halfway point as our characters have many struggles to work through, including betrayals and heartbreak.

We round up Episode 4 of the Netflix series Vikings: Valhalla Season 2, “The Thaw,” which will contain significant spoilers.

This is an enticing halftime for Vikings: Valhalla season 2. There’s paranoia, heartbreak, logistical complications, and a test of faith. There are plenty of stories to focus on, but it still feels balanced. The writers did an incredible job putting all the stories together.

Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Episode 4 Summary

Season 2 Episode 4 begins with Harold and his travelers on their way to deliver the cargo to Constantinople. A low rumble can be heard in the distance. The ice breaks and then it stops. kurya tells them they don’t have time to escape the thawing ice. He thinks they should leave the river until the thaw is over, but Harald knows they are only a day away from their journey and insists they go on.

As they slide further on the ice with the boat, they get stuck in the ice. Harald tells everyone to lighten the load to move the boat. However, the horses need a break, and Leif insists they take a break. After that, the travelers continue to push the boat, which takes a lot of strength. They manage to get it going again.

However, the thaw is starting to catch up with the boat. The ice dam has broken. The travelers free the horses and all must board. Mr Vitomir can not do it. The freezing water kills him.

Queen Emma of Normandy told Godwin that she knows about his relationship aelfwynn. Godwin tells Emma that he has been waiting for her husband’s marriage blessing, which he has received. Emma presses him with more questions, mentioning Aelfwynn’s brother. She believes that Godwin is behind the plan to assassinate her. Godwin is dismayed by her accusation, but Emma reveals that Aelfwynn has been locked in her quarters. Godwin insists Aelfwynn is innocent and wants time to prove it.

Godwin talks to Aelfwynn about her situation. He tells her that Emma wants to prove he was behind the assassination. Godwin tells her to lie and tell the Queen that he is behind the plot.

Afterwards, Aelfwynn is bound with chains and Emma confronts her. Aelfwynn insists she told her the truth. The Queen continues to press her with questions and follow-up questions “Wear.” One of Emma’s men chops off Aelfwynn’s finger. Aelfwynn insists she knows nothing as she continues to be tortured and mutilated. The Queen’s paranoia doesn’t let up.

in the Kattegat, Olaf finds out about Harald’s last whereabouts and that Freydis wasn’t with him. Olaf asks his men to prepare the ships. He thinks Harald is raising an army against Kattegat. Queen Aelfgifu tells Olaf that she will miss him. They have developed a romance with each other.

end explained

Aelfwynn is weak from the torture and Emma gently asks her more questions. Aelfwynn tells Emma that she and Godwin have been talking about “love and the future and children and having one of them on the throne”. Aelfwynn dies from the terrible torture.

Queen Emma tells Godwin that Aelfwynn is dead. Godwin tells Emma that she took everything from him and he will never forgive her. It’s a painful moment for Godwin, who wanted it all with Aelfwynn. Princess Gytha returns a ring to Godwin and tells him that Aelfwynn wanted him to have it. Gytha explains to Godwin that because of him, Aelfwynn was happier than ever. What a heartbreaking moment.

More refugees arrive in Jomsborg. The ships were divided at sea. harekr and his fleet did not return. Freydis announces that they should make a sacrifice for their safe return. She asks the god of the seas at the old temple in the forest to allow her friends to return safely. She asks everyone to worship together as she slits the throat of a goat.

Harekr returns and finds out about the refugees praying in the forest. He is angry and asks where Jorundr is. Harekr finds him and accuses Jorundr of betraying him by allowing the fugitives to mingle with the superior folk.

Harekr’s men massacre the fugitives and Freydis is captured. Freydis is angry. Harekr orders his men to take Freydis to the temple and lock her up.

Season 2 Episode 4 marks an entertaining halfway point as our characters have many struggles to work through, including betrayals and heartbreak.

Additional plot points

  • In Jomsborg, Gudrid is concerned that Freydis is spending time with the refugees, but Jorundr hints that there is time for a change.
  • One of Lord Vitomir’s daughters is on the boat, dismayed that her father is dead. Harald promises to deliver her father’s treasure.

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