Voodoo, Geforce or Radeon: Do you remember your first graphics card?

01/25/2023 at 20:01 by Thilo Bayer Do you remember the first graphics card you put in a computer or the first one that was in the first full PC?

A PC career, many graphics cards are plugged into the slot that used to be used for it. Some may have started with the VESA Local Bus, others with PCI or AGP, still others only know PCI Express.

What memories do you have?

Some cards are made to preserve the value of money used in your system. Today we want to reminisce with you. Which 2D or 3D accelerator do you remember? Which card did it seriously start with? Do you fondly remember the concept of pure 3D add-on maps? Or do you already have games like f/s, pfs and cga?

In the gallery you will find some suggestions as to which graphics cards were available in the 90s, 20s and 90s and which of them have achieved legendary status. The PCGH editors Raffael Votter and the author even show their first graphics card. We’re going to be picking out a bunch of well-known graphics cards right now and explaining their historical significance over the few days.

Tomb Raider: Single-Flavoured Filtering Off (left) and On (right) (Photo: PCGH) Source: Computer Background: 1996 The first three pioneers of 3dfx were born and used two different chips: Pixel and Texel FX. Both ran at 50MHz and featured the fundamentals of 3D acceleration that are still important today: bilinear texture mapping with mipmap support, perspective correction, 16-bit z-buffer, anti-aliasing, and even (palette-based) texture compression. What few people know is that SST-1 and the voodoo cards based on it almost never made it onto the market because there was no one who wanted to sell the boards at the original price of 500 US dollars. One hundred percent of 3Dfx’s revenues (earlier with the capital de lasagnes et al. a low yield, the cost of EDO RAM, which had to be sold at a real market price of $300) remained small.

The first generation Id engine game started with the new version of Tomb Raider which even offered edge antialiasing. The SLI chips can easily be exploited in the home market, although multidimensional space-based partner Quantum3D has developed an algorithm that could hardly exploit the technologies in the simulator.

https://game-news24.com/2023/01/25/voodoo-geforce-or-radeon-do-you-still-remember-your-first-graphics-card/ Voodoo, Geforce or Radeon: Do you remember your first graphics card?


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