Warlords of the Sigrdrifa Rusalka Review

The name Warlords of Sigrdrifa is known from the 2020 aired anime adaptation starring Tappei Nagatsuki. Now Yen Press has opened the first of the Prequel Light Novels: Warlords of Sigrdrifa Rusalkato to the English market for those who want to know more about the franchise.

To buy time for civilization, the Sands of Obrahim, the man of the moon menaced by mysterious pillars, disappear in April, leaving massive destruction in their wake before temporarily retiring. To fight back, the Norse god Odin bestowed the title of Valkyries on some young women. They can fly deus ex machinas (purpose-built aircraft for the duration of WWII) and are capable of defeating the pillars in combat.

While this anime series is set in Japan, the show is not only Europe but also the United States and Russia, the second generation of Valkyrie. One day she meets Amy, the leader of a single generation known for her success on the battlefield, providing aid in areas where many need more firepower or find themselves in defeat. The two form a close friendship and eventually Rusalka and her squad are invited to join Amy and form a new unit on the front lines.

That’s human hope, but the second generation of Valkyries are struggling to catch up, lacking the same skills or power as theirs. Even the extraordinarily talented Rusalkas are safe on the few trips they take with Amy. Because of this, and because Rusalka lacks confidence in her abilities, she declines this offer, which hurts Amy and her friends who have decided to move into the new unit.

Rusalka learns that Amy and her friends were destroyed by the mission. Because Rusalka did not join the roster, she quit her role as Valkyrie and became insecure. This is the second time she meets Alejandro Ostley. Just like Amy, the former would soon change her fate forever.

In Japan, Warlords of Sigrdrifa Rusalkawa was published in two volumes, Yen Press combined them into one big omnibus. Although I’m usually not good at using this option, I think it will work this time too. Volume 1 is very much an origin story by Rusalkas, while Volume 2 takes the plot deeper. We finally have the best of both worlds.

I haven’t actually seen Warlords of Sigrdrifa so I blindly picked up this collection, just letting go of the synopsis and the fact that I’m a fan of Nagatsukis. I thoroughly enjoyed this release despite not knowing anything about it. As always, Nagatsuki, an author, manages to disappoint readers’ expectations and delivers something far more interesting than you might expect.

I was nervous when the first chapter came out. Rusalka was supposed to join the Amys group and the two books about her missions would have been there from her mission and in this case I was amazed when the first and two chapters didn’t happen. I’m glad he went in that direction instead, because it gave the story of Rusalka a much greater than usual emotional dimension. And like I said, this book is well balanced with a second book – which teaches Rusalka to be a little more involved in routine operations with the new squad – so we can experience that kind of camaraderie and everyday life too.

This balance of difficult situations and life-or-death struggles aligns with Nagatsuki’s strengths, which Re:Zero readers will become well acquainted with. The fight scenes are fluid with intense tension. They are detailed enough for the reader to get a clear picture of the scene, but cannot be overwhelmed with lengthy descriptions. They’re just light enough for you to quickly turn the page and anticipate what’s to come, like other works by the author. Perhaps most importantly, once I finished reading this collection, I had to go on scout to watch the anime adaptation so I could get an understanding of the world and characters in my free time.

As I mentioned earlier, Warlords of Sigrdrifa Rusalka is coming to the West thanks to Yen Press and translated by Dale DeLucia. The translation is good, but there are no problems to be noticed. This release is a shortback that includes color pages at the beginning (illustrated by Takuya Fujima). Since this release is a two-in-one, the illustrations at the beginning include those from volume 2, so you can skip them until you’re done reading the whole book.

In Japan, Warlords of Sigrdrifahas, a prequel series in the second volume (Sassura), was set in Europe instead of Japan. It is not yet clear whether Yen Press has an individual license. At least for the moment there is nothing left to do in the schedule, so we may not get them any time soon, which would be a shame!

All of these warriors deserve respect for the franchise. Once Rusalka doesn’t overcome its place in the world, newcomers looking for a new fantasy or with a passing interest in the series will be in for a treat.

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