Warrior Nun season 2, episode 3 recap

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The stakes are raised in a very good episode that brings together multiple characters and subplots.

This synopsis of Warrior Nun Season 2 Episode 3, “Luke 8:17” contains spoilers.

The first two episodes of warrior nun season 2 it was about separation. The OCS was splintered, the main characters were all split up, and our attention was split between several competing subplots and perspectives. Luke 8:17 addresses this by finally bringing multiple aspects together, with the plot centered on Madrid, where several characters find themselves.

Warrior Nun Season 2 Episode 3 Summary

Ava and Beatrice have arrived in Madrid after being summoned by the OCS call, but they are easily stalked by Vincent, who is also there and jumps them in an alleyway. He calms Beatrice down and tries to get Ava to Adriel, but she is temporarily able to fend him off (although the fight is a lot tighter than she’s used to, keeping the unassuming Vincent as a threatening force).

By the time Ava and Beatrice are finally able to reunite with Mother Superior, Camila, and Yasmine at a movie theater, the remnants of the OCS are mostly reunited, and as we know, Yasmine has some news for the Halo wearer that could be crucial in their fight against adriatic

So here’s the news. Yasmine’s sect has long been entrusted with the safekeeping of various magically vital artifacts, including the crown of thorns which turned out not only to be an instrument of Roman torture, but also a crucial tool in dampening the powers of magical beings. It’s what Areala, the first warrior nun, used to defeat and imprison Adriel in the first place, and if the OCS gets their hands on it again, they can repeat the process. However, the crown has been missing for centuries after being looted by Yasmine’s sect, but many artifacts from her care recently turned up in a corrupt British officer’s private collection, which was donated to a museum. Smiling together, Ava and the audience realize we’re building on a museum heist.

The heist is a great idea for structuring the episode so we get a recon sequence with Ava, Beatrice, Camila and Yasmine poking around the museum during the day in their nondescript nun attire, and then the actual heist at night, with the nuns in their tactical Equipment and slightly increased stakes. Both sequences are littered with character building – Camila, for example, is upset that Beatrice still considers her a novice – and lore development, particularly the night sequence. The crown is supposed to “activate” when Ava touches it, but it doesn’t, so despite her fear, Yasmine has to go inside and try to figure out where the real thing is hiding.

This whole sequence is thanks to a literally ticking clock, some horror tropes as Camila, left on backup duty, starts hearing and seeing whispers and shadows, and a moment where Ava tries to lock through security lasers along the way kick, really effective tense halo keeps turning on and off. It also builds to a surprising conclusion when the whole thing turns out to be a trap. Vincent appears, triggers the security system and traps Ava with him, then uses the crown to weaken and kidnap her, paying off the first round of their fight sooner.

Elsewhere, there are some other subplots bubbling up that we should pay attention to. At the Vatican, Duretti arrests one of his cardinals, Rossi, for conspiring with Adriel and threatens to jail him Iron Maiden if he doesn’t reveal how Adriel causes and ends the plagues. It takes thoroughly unchristian persuasion, but Rossi eventually reveals that Arq-Tech is creating the plagues. And at the same time, Jillian sends Lilith through the Ark believing she can survive the process due to her scaly healing. She does and returns after spending several hours in the afterlife, though she’s only gone for a few seconds. She brings with her some footage from her time, but she has no interest in being Jillian’s lab rat, so she teleports away, leaving behind the evidence she has amassed.

At the very end of the episode, we see Lilith presenting herself to Adriel, who doesn’t seem too surprised to see her.

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