We Are in Battle for Soul of Nation, But It’s Not Over What He Thinks

I rarely agree with Joe Biden. But he is right about one thing: a battle for the soul of our nation is underway.

And recent research shows that there are issues in this struggle that arise from what people believe is right and what is wrong.

First of all, the battle is not as Biden outlined in his infamous September 1 “Gates of Hell” speech in front of a blood-red-lit Independence Hall.

The fight, which the president described, was “the most extraordinary experiment in self-government the world has ever seen” against the evil Make America Great Again Republicans.

But the battle has nothing to do with the half of America that Biden calls his enemies.


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In fact, the fight is not about politics. It’s spiritual. And it’s about, to quote Biden, the soul of the nation.

It is a struggle for the nation’s allegiance to God. But the characteristics of that loyalty are blurry, according to recent work by George Barna, research director at Arizona Christian University’s Cultural Research Center.

Even if 70 percent believe in traditional moral values, the question arises as to what such values ​​actually mean. That’s because, Barna says, Americans take their ideas about morality from government rather than churches.

A little less than half of the adults surveyed who believe in traditional moral values ​​take their bearings from the Bible. But 42 percent believe “what you feel in your heart” is the best way to make moral decisions, according to the study.

Do you believe the Bible is the only source of moral truth?

“Research shows that people today are more likely to draw their moral cues from state laws and policies than from the Church’s teachings on biblical principles,” Barna said.

“If you look at the list of factors that are accepted as ‘traditional moral values,’ which the public is unlikely to turn to churches or the Bible to define values ​​like integrity and justice, that responsibility is likely to fall on the shoulders of the government fall,” he said.

“When you consider how government leaders have aggressively redefined other terms and concepts in recent years and recast previously unthinkable behaviors as normative, it is hard to imagine what our future moral code will be like with government leading this redefinition process,” he said barna

So people like Joe Biden define our morality? The answer is obvious – look around.

According to Barna’s research, among adherents of traditional moral values, 74 percent get their moral guidance from society, 71 percent from family, and 67 percent from themselves.


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“Lowest on the list of supporters are those who turn to science to determine what is moral to do, but even half of this group (50 percent) admit to supporting traditional moral values,” reads in Barna’s report.

The survey results stayed the same across most demographics, including age, education, income, geography, and race and ethnicity. The lowest supporters of traditional moral values ​​were 18-29 year olds at 56 percent, although the proportion rose to 76 percent after age 30.

Only 49 percent of advocates of traditional moral values ​​cited the Bible as their primary guide.

“In a nod to the dramatic moral and spiritual reform that has taken place in the United States over the past quarter century, millions of Americans now view the idea of ​​’traditional moral values’ as concepts of right and wrong that go beyond mere guidance – or maybe even in part – through the Bible,” says Barna’s account.

In addition to the 42 percent of respondents who said they rely on what they feel in their hearts, the report says that 29 percent rely on majority decision-making as a moral direction. An identical percentage turned to the Bible.

“Put another way,” says the report, “seven out of ten adults today contend that man, not God, should be the judge of right and wrong.”

Barna’s report is based on two online surveys commissioned by AmericasOne in July. The first included a nationally representative sample of 2,275 adults, while the second had 1,500 respondents.

ACU study by The Western Journal

Pondering Biden’s reference to a battle for the soul of the nation while knowing it is a spiritual battle and examining Barna’s research is enough to pause.

Consider Psalm 33:12, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people whom he hath chosen to be his inheritance!”

America is blessed with constitutional freedom of religion and today more Christians than any other country. This blessing dates back to the nation’s founding principles 246 years ago and to the settlers of Plymouth Rock before that.

Despite efforts to retrospectively secularize the founders and impose on them today’s values, their worldview was steeped in Scripture. Whether they were individually Orthodox Christians or not, they built this nation on biblical legal and moral principles.

And the land was blessed because there was a recognition of the God of the Bible.

Much of that blessing remains today, but unfortunately our country is like a giant ship whose engines gave up the ghost long ago. The sheer bulk of its biblical lore has given the ship the inertia to plod along its route through the water, but it is slowing and its direction increasingly uncertain.

Barna’s research shows that.

The ship of state is sinking in the fight for its soul. In this struggle, who will sound the alarm, who will sound the trumpet, who will lead the fight to put America back in the direction on which it was founded?

Especially when feelings replace God’s word?

Because, as described by Barna, most Americans’ belief is not in God or the Judeo-Christian ethic that underpins the nation. Rather, the situation is similar to what the Old Testament describes, that each person does what is right in his own eyes (Judges 17:6, 21:25).

So there is a struggle for the soul of the nation. And will there be the true moral force it takes to give it back to God?

What do you have to do to achieve this?


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