We are sacrificing our children on the altar of a brutal, far-Left ideology

There is good evidence that many ancient societies sacrificed children to their gods. Parents in ancient Phoenician colonies in Carthage, Sicily, Sardinia and Malta killed their offspring before being cremated in the hope that the gods would hear their voices and bless them.

We are rightly appalled by this, although I sometimes wonder if we understand child sacrifice far more than we care to admit.

I saw a video the other day in which an American surgeon brags that he has performed more than 3,000 double mastectomies on young women who paid for sex reassignment surgery, people confused by those who benefit, one might say – have been encouraged to believe that their teenage emotional trials can be “cured” and happiness reigns forever if they submit to this brutal practice.

And it’s brutal — a process that often involves not only the mastectomies mentioned above, but other horrific surgical procedures: orchiectomy (that’s castration, to put it bluntly), the removal of the uterus, the destruction of the musculature of the forearm, to do that to make what is not a penis but must be labeled as such – all that.

For someone pretending to be a doctor to do this on children seems worth at least a prison sentence to me.

Whatever happened to the teaching expressed by the ancient language as prima non nocere – First, isn’t it a pity?

The Hippocratic Oath was replaced by a delusion: a belief that can be summed up as follows: “By blocking children from puberty and then surgically altering them, we are only restoring what is rightfully theirs.” A child’s feelings are the final determinants of their reproductive fate, and any attempt to challenge their gender identity risks increasing their suicidal tendencies.

Lie. Lie. Lie. Then butcher shop.

change norms

Even psychologists – those in my personal field of medicine – have succumbed to this groupthink. The American Psychological Association’s Task Force on Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People (TGNC) insists that psychologists and other professional counselors offer “trans-affirmative” care, beginning with niceties like showing “TGNC -affirmative resources while waiting”. Realms”. Practitioners are also asked to explore “how their language (e.g. using incorrect pronouns and names) may reinforce gender dichotomy in overt or subtle and unintended ways”.

These guidelines read, first, like a handbook of indoctrination written by Marxist ideologues, and second, like a document designed to subvert and destroy therapy practice itself.

But at an alarming rate, those “guidelines” have turned into criminal laws governing what a psychologist or counselor can say and think about their clients.

Let me be very clear: as a professional, whether in America, Britain or anywhere else, it is not a therapist’s job to “validate” or conversely deny the “identity” of anyone they empathize with in their care . People come to a therapist, often after long and painful deliberation, because they are suffering, confused, or both. The job of this therapist is to listen, question, and proceed with due caution, without giving cheap advice (and thereby stealing his client’s successes or showering him with failures) or having particular knowledge of the right outcome for a particular person to accept

There’s no way I would tell an 18-year-old woman that she’s absolutely right if she sometimes feels more masculine than feminine (however that feeling may surface), and that if she feels like surgery is the Answer is, hormones are recommended these days. Instead, I would spend many weeks, maybe even months or years, listening to her unwrap her story, using caution as my catchphrase, and helping her gain a thorough and well-developed understanding of both her autobiographical history and destiny .

This is not a “confirmation” nor is it a “denial”. How dare I do both when someone has come to me because they are confused and desperate – a state of the Gemini experience that indicates a deep confusion about identity itself?

Radical new guidelines

I focus on the American Psychological Association (APA) because it is the body tasked with establishing the norms and ideals for clinical practice in the most populous democracy on earth—principles that will continue to spread in the West and including in the UK. Some of their “guidelines” are appalling enough to merit analysis:

“Guideline 1. Psychologists understand that gender is a non-binary construct that allows for a range of gender identities, and that a person’s gender identity may not match their sex assigned at birth.”

I don’t understand this radical postmodern definition of gender, which is based on a person’s “heartfelt” or “inherent sense” of being one sex above the other, regardless of biology.

Psychologically, it’s undeniable that a non-trivial proportion of men have a feminine temperament (which basically means they experience higher levels of negative emotions like fear and the analogues of pain – grief, frustration, disappointment, depression) and more pleasant (sympathetic/polite) than typical men, and it is also true that a not inconsiderable proportion of women have a masculine temperament. However, this does not change how professionals should objectively measure a person’s gender.

Psychologists used to care whether the measurement followed standard practices of validity and reliability. For example, read a document published by the APA itself in 2014, which tells you that a reputable psychologist is required to use “constructs” (i.e. terms like “gender”) professionally. At a minimum, this means that fundamental properties must be measured in a measurable and appropriate manner.

But all of that falls out of the window when we now talk about the magic of “gender,” which is entirely subjectively defined, though that insistence undoubtedly defies previous standards. But feelings above all, People. And it’s no joke. Especially if you’re 15 and have had surgery that renders you reproductively incapacitated, often to encourage a sense of another’s moral superiority or a sense of self-attributed “compassion” — a word that increasingly makes me shudder when i come across it.

New Lessons

The simple-minded and anything but revolutionary doctrine of “intersectionality” is now also being adopted by psychologists without question. And what is this teaching? Nothing other than the assertion that human beings are characterized by multidimensional identities. Any given person has a race, ethnicity, gender, temperament (five dimensions alone), level of intelligence, etc. We have known this for ages. It has only become a hot cultural item since fools noticed the obvious fact that minority status can be additive or multiplicative. I hate to point this out, since anyone with any sense even without any statistical training knew that it was possible to be Latino-extracted, shall we say (or even “LatinX”, to use that absurd, demeaning and condescending term) . and female at the same time.

But you can’t question that without fear of being ostracized by your colleagues. Note the chilling wording of Guideline 7:

“Psychologists understand the need to foster social change that reduces the negative impact of stigma on the health and well-being of TGNC individuals.”

In summary, if you’re not an activist (and one of our activists), you’d better look over your shoulder.

So what should determine my behavior as a therapist and your expectations as a client? The answer to that is whatever the activists feel like prioritizing. And remember that in court, folks.

Active Malice

I am increasingly ashamed to be a clinical psychologist given the utter cowardice, spinelessness, and apathy that characterizes many colleagues, and even more so my professional organizations. In 20 years at the latest, when we are all regretting this horrific social experiment, I will be able to say, “I said no when they all insisted that we take part in the sacrifice of our children.” Other countries, notably the UK, may not make the same mistakes as the US and elsewhere.

I can’t agree with what we’re doing. I cannot adhere to the teachings of my discipline. I believe that the actions of the medical “professional” who rushes to disfigure, sterilize, and injure young people with clearly unwise, dangerous, experimental procedures crosses the line from “do no harm” to outright harm.

It is only by burying our heads in the sand that infertility, reduced or absent sexual function, complex responses to poorly understood hormones, expense – and mixed misery and confusion – will persist for countless young people. We must address the threat to the integrity of the entire education system as the indoctrination grows into the same philosophy that spawned this surgical corporation and the APA “Policies.” It threatens public confidence on which our peace and prosperity depend.

By the way: It will certainly be the case that a disproportionately large number of children who have been “freed” from their gender confusion would have grown into physically intact and fully functional gay adults. Must I point out that this uncomfortable fact ridicules any claim that the extended alphabet world of the LGBTQ+ clique constitutes a homogeneous and unified “community”.

We’ve crossed the line from ideological obsession to active malevolence—and we’re multiplying our sin (there’s an intersection for you) by attributing our horrific acts to “compassion.” Heaven help us. For real. We are sacrificing our children on the altar of a brutal, far-Left ideology

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