We must ignore the defeatist voices who propose to sell out Ukraine

Every weapon supplied will help the people of Ukraine repel Russian forces, retake cities currently under shelling, like Severodonetsk, and Russian-controlled ones, like Kherson. Any sanction will help financially starve Putin’s war machine and save more innocent civilians from further barbarism. The Ukrainian people fight fearlessly for their homeland. You can win this fight and you will win it with the relentless support of the free world.

Because of this, Britain is at the forefront of supplying heavy weapons. British M270 multiple missile systems are on their way to help Ukraine defend against long-range Russian artillery. The UK has already provided £1.3 billion in military aid, including anti-tank missiles, air defense systems, armored vehicles and training. The people of Ukraine will forever remember what the UK did in its darkest hour.

The UK is stepping up its sanctions, with further legislation this week on a range of trade bans and more to come over the next month. The free world must collectively fight harder to cut Russia off from its main sources of foreign revenue: energy and other exports like gold.

We cannot be intimidated by Putin trying to light up the world with lurid threats. Whenever NATO stood up to his bullying, he was forced to back down, not double down. Its aggression only succeeds in encouraging more nations to join the world’s most successful defensive alliance.

There will come a time of peace. But it must be a good and lasting peace. Putin’s path to the negotiating table leads through the battlefields of Ukraine. Only when the Ukrainian people have pushed back their troops will he take negotiations seriously.

All of Ukraine’s supporters must do their part to ensure that President Zelenskyy can negotiate from a position of strength when confronting a weakened Putin. This is important for the peace to last.

There can be no negotiated settlement that repeats the Minsk accords, which came at the expense of Ukraine’s sovereignty, security and territorial integrity.

Those who suggest sacrificing the country to Ukraine are actually proposing paying for the illusion of peace with Ukrainian blood. It will be a mirage unless accompanied by the return of Ukrainian territory and the containment of Putin’s imperialism.

Putin has made it clear that he will not stop at Ukraine in his ambitions, but will go further by targeting other sovereign nations – particularly those he believes are part of Russia. Therefore, no one can feel safe until Russia pulls out of Ukraine and is never able to commit such aggression again.

The Ukrainian people are fighting not only for their future, but also for the future of freedom and democracy throughout Europe and around the world. This is everyone’s war because Ukraine’s victory is in all of our interests, no matter how long it takes.

Together we can secure Ukraine’s future in a united and free Europe where peace reigns again. We must ignore the defeatist voices who propose to sell out Ukraine

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