WEF VIP driver says he’s banned from driving elites in electric vehicles, reveals why

As the masters of the universe convened for the annual World Economic Forum on Monday in Davos, Switzerland, one of the VIP drivers for that august event, who declined to show his face on camera, told a reporter that he is not allowed to drive the elites in electric vehicles.

Japanese journalist Masako Ganaha asked, “What about your car?”

“My car is normal because I can’t drive an electric car for VIP,” the driver replied.

Ganaha noted that all Uber-powered vehicles, all Teslas, were labeled “Ride 100% electric.” The driver confirmed that Uber drivers in Switzerland are required to drive electric vehicles. Gas powered cars are not eligible for the ridesharing service.

Ganaha began: “Electric cars, for example Tesla, sometimes it’s like an accident or when there’s no electricity…”


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The driver replied, “It’s very dangerous because … if you have a problem [that ran] the end. That’s a big problem with the Tesla. But now almost everyone here is from Tesla, actually for Uber.”

“I wonder if the heavy storm is coming, what do you think about this electric only car? Will it be okay?” asked Ganaha.

“It’s the same problem,” he said to Ganaha. “Cars need electricity. They also need energy.”

The two discussed the need for gas-fired energy.

Should electric cars be banned?

“To generate electricity, we have to burn a little more.”

They laughed at the irony of the situation.

After speaking to the driver, Ganaha summed it up. “I asked about the 100 percent electric cars and he said it was dangerous.”

The video then cuts to the “What’s New” page from an information leaflet for attendees at the 2023 World Economic Forum, and highlights two of the data points: “A commercial heliport will again be available in Davos” and “There will be no more CO2 limits around.” to request a car badge.”

Good to know.


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It is true that cold weather significantly reduces the range of electric cars. An electric vehicle’s range can drop by “20 to 50 percent because its batteries slow down as the temperature drops.”

In the video below, a Kansas man explains why he traded in his 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning truck after just six months. He described the winter battery performance as “a disaster”.

Electric cars should be the future. However, elites cannot ride them due to performance issues in snow. That would be funny if it wasn’t so dangerous.

These elites are blaming climate change on citizens worldwide, but they show up in helicopters and private jets and can’t ride electric vehicles. They really think that the whole world should be subject to the rules they made for us, but from which they are exempt.

https://www.westernjournal.com/wef-vip-driver-says-not-allowed-drive-elites-electric-vehicles-reveals/ WEF VIP driver says he’s banned from driving elites in electric vehicles, reveals why


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