Wevr Virtual Studio helps devs make next-generation games

Wevr has developed a number of virtual reality games like TheBlu. Now it’s expanding to make Virtual Studio, a cloud-based platform that will help people create next-gen games.

The Wevr Virtual Studio is a tool that allows game teams to reopen new projects. Neville Spiteri, CEO of Wevr, describes it as a purpose-built platform that allows interactive creators and game developers to use a real-time game engine like Unity and Unreal.

They wanted to offer software services to developers using game engines, Spiteri said. We leaned towards the idea that game engines are world consuming, meaning they create 3D animation for things like the industrial metaverse and more.

He said everyone shines.

The earliest targets for the tool are game developers, virtual film producers, educators, Metaverse app makers, web developers, architects and simulation developers, Spiteri said. He added that he’s also interested in non-Game Moot players.

Spiteri said we were looking forward to the metaverse. If the developer creates this future metaverse and the integration of Unity or Unreal, developers could build applications on top of Wevr Virtual Studio. Wevr Virtual Studio will gain in the coming years by redesigning the software.

Wevr has raised a new round of funding for this expansion, with investors including Epic Games, Warner Bros. and HTC. Spiteri will join me in a fireside chat this week, October 25-26, at our GamesBeat Summit Next 2022 event in San Francisco. (You can use Dean50 to get 17:00 tickets).

Wevr is a pioneer in real-time content creation. Their Virtual Studio is an exciting new platform for developers and creators to create interactive virtual experiences, said Kim Libreri, CTO of Epic Games.

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Wevr’s guide

It’s not a game engine itself. There is a way to organize people using the game engine. The product line has gotten a lot of insight so far. This is a way to help developers become more collaborative and predictable. And a number of developers use WVS to create multiplayer games.

With Unity and Unreal, or even if it’s made for a headset, or for mobile, or a cross-platform platform, it’s true that whatever you learn, the logic, content, and file formats that come from Maya and Blender are in can happen to anyone future.

Spiteri said some of this started a decade ago when the company was working on TheBlu. Using the 3D Kharrystal platform, 3D artists could create fish, upload them to the cloud, and then drag them into the ocean simulation.

He said that we go this way and this vision of creation. It’s a long road from the beginning to the end of a long-term project. We’ve always had teams assigned to different tasks across time zones and locations within Wevr.

The concept of a studio is analogous to a Hollywood studio. In this case, this studio is distributed or an entertainment room based on a game engine.

What’s very clear now is that alongside COVID-19, there’s an opportunity for independent creators to be able to make their own startup or indie game, Spiteri said.

Regarding virtual studios, work can be smoother while those who work multiple times work at the same time. Virtual Studio fees are based on actual usage.

Wevr Virtual Studio is designed for collaboration.

This is a new breed of studio that actually gets creatives around the world creating together, not just creating titles and works from scratch. A group of authors can create their own virtual studio and feel like they are part of a specific game studio.

After working at Electronic Arts, Marcel Samel, the CTO of Wevrs, was a high-tech developer and then worked on many projects. Even when people go to start a brand new studio, they don’t have that support. The Wevrs solution is designed to help them, Spiteri said.

All services have vulnerabilities, but no one can use these services off the shelf today, Spiteri said. The connection between Virtual Studio and the services we provide is truly my nexus.

Since Wevr is a VR studio, there is an optional part of the service that allows you to create your game in VR. For example, you can make changes to the 3D animated objects and then view them as they appear in VR. You can see if the changes are correct or not. And it works even when art isn’t VR. The artist working in Blender can switch, install a VR headset and see if it works. A merging of 3D and VR can sometimes take a long time.

Still making VR games.

Wevr made Theblu.

Wevr is a lynchpin, but the company isn’t abandoning its past. It’s not real. Founded in 2010, the company has made several amazing adventures such as the award-winning ocean exploration VR title TheBlu, an original property starring Jon Favreau, and Harry Potter VR with Warner Brothers. Wevr dogfoodt the virtual studio consisting of more games, virtual worlds and applications, including the next phase of the ocean simulation TheBlu. However, Wevr is very excited to work with developers and development teams and help them create their games, worlds and apps with Virtual Studio.

“We will continue to do VR opportunistically going forward,” Spiteri said.

But now Wevr is moving outside the corporate walls to make it harder for other companies to collaborate in this space. Spiteri said the mission is to empower new generation developers to build the next generation Internet together. You can easily create and send projects on the same platform.

WVS features a cloud orchestration system for automated build and render applications on mobile, PC/Mac and XR platforms. You can use it with Unity, Unreal and Godot. WVS offers Git-based version control with an easy-to-use interface for artists. This means they can change a game and keep it updated without fear of someone else overwriting it. It could be used for iOS or Android games, WebGL, cross-platform games, quest and AR apps.

Wevr Virtual Studio can be used for projects.

Wevr expects WVR to be fully serviced in Q1 2023.

Customers pay for cloud storage and their version control services, as well as their automated transactions. In this regard, it competes with the license fee charged by software makers like Perforce. It proves cost-effective for both large and small businesses. Three people work on one plane, so the cost is very low. It’s more of a larger project with construction going on every day.

Also, our customers repeat that the better their game, the better their product, says Spiteri.

https://game-news24.com/2022/10/20/wevr-virtual-studio-helps-devs-make-next-generation-games/ Wevr Virtual Studio helps devs make next-generation games


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