What is a sober day? How people celebrate sober anniversaries

How do people honor their sober anniversary? (Photo: Getty, illustration by Nathalie Cruz)

How do people honor their sober anniversary? (Photo: Getty, illustration by Nathalie Cruz)

On November 30th Yellow-brown Laraauthor of the coming Dry Humping: A Guide to Alcohol-Free Sex, Dating, and Relationships and co-host of the podcast recovery rock, ask a question to followers on Twitter.

“Seven years sober today,” she declared alongside a smiling photo of herself. “How am I supposed to celebrate my sober day?!”

Lara is just one of many people in the sober community who have chosen to commemorate the day they decided to quit drinking. Lara tells Yahoo Life the day means a lot of “reflection” on everything she’s accomplished since quitting drinking, both “emotionally and professionally” — but also a fun celebration that’s a “birthday party for me.” with friends.”

“I know some people keep their Sundays quiet. My partner’s favorite way of “celebrating” his sober day is by not drinking, which is great too! I’m super dramatic and love any reason to throw a party, wear lots of glitter, and acknowledge milestones like living another year without alcohol — especially during tough years like 2016 and 2020,” she explains.

dr Kenneth StollerDirector of the Johns Hopkins Broadway Center for Addiction says celebrating the “sober day” can be important to recovery.

“Recovery is hard work and doesn’t always bring tangible rewards in the short term,” he explains. “Because recovery takes time and hard work, much of which does not immediately bring pleasure or joy like alcohol or drugs may have in the past, it’s important to consider alternative avenues of pleasure and distraction activities — including acknowledging one’s own.” Achievements in a memorable, joyful and positive way. This makes continuing recovery attractive and reduces the glamorization of past drug and alcohol use.”

For Author and photographer Beth Leipholtz, the day is not about a formal party, but about reflection. She always returned to where she last drank — her college campus — to think, but stopped when she moved away.

“I take time out on that day to reflect on how far I’ve come,” she says. “Often that means going to a nearby park, going for a walk, and just letting my mind wander. Sometimes my family celebrates or surprises me.”

Although the day has become more and more “the background” of her life over the years, it also brings with it mixed feelings.

“I’m glad I’m not living like I was in May 2013,” she says. “This May will be 10 years old for me, which of course is a big milestone. I haven’t thought about it much, but I kind of want to acknowledge it.

Nancy Carr from the blog Last callShe calls her sober anniversary the “most important thing” to her and says her friends throw her a party every five years of sobriety. Every year she also goes to dinner with friends from Alcoholics Anonymous. Though the date is “celebratory,” she adds that “it evokes the memory of my last drink, which was somber for me.”

dr Stoller adds that celebrating with others in recovery can be especially helpful, explaining, “Celebrating without alcohol or other drugs can be an achievement that the recovering person has little experience with. It may be new territory. As such, it can be beneficial to celebrate with other people in recovery who are more proficient in celebrations least likely to result in drug cessation.”

For Lara, she’s already looking forward to a sober day a few years away as it marks an official decade of sobriety.

“I’ll probably be doing something big for 10 years,” she says. “But who knows what that will look like.”

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