What is the Defense Recruitment Act in Season 2 of The Bad Batch? Explained (in detail)

What is the Defense Recruitment Act in Season 2 of The Bad Batch? We explain the plot point in the Star Wars series in detail. It will contain spoilers.

Episode three of The bad batch season two has focused crosshairs Transition period perspective, catching up as he rejoins the Empire. He hears about a new bill going through the Senate that bears the title Defense Recruitment Actbefore being sent on a difficult mission Commander Cody to rescue an Imperial hostage. This is the latest in the war of stars Timeline Commander Cody has appeared in canon and is showing signs of wanting to defect, a stark departure from his Legends storyline.

The Defense Recruitment Act is a new law in war of stars, but the title gives some insight into what the bill does. The clones also show a strong reaction to the bill and want it to fail in the Senate. There is a growing rift between the clones and TK soldiers, which will be explained below.

What is the Defense Recruitment Act in Season 2 of The Bad Batch?

At the beginning of the episode, two clones are overheard discussing a new law going through the Imperial Senate called the Defense Recruitment Act, but this is quickly backed out. The bill is new war of starsbut it is possible to find out what the bill is doing.

The primary purpose of the bill is to allow for the recruitment of soldiers from planets across the galaxy. The clones in the Empire are in dire need of replacement, and for a number of reasons. In season one of The bad batch, Governor Tarkin pointed out that cloning is expensive, the clones are not loyal to the Empire, and the Empire cannot make new clones because Kamino has been destroyed.

This last point is worth pursuing further. The cloning facility on Kamino was the only one the Republic had, meaning the Empire has no way of making more. The Empire is running out of clones, and their willingness to send them on dangerous missions because they see them as expendable only hastens the process. A recruited body can be assembled from across the galaxy, with an endless supply of troops. The Empire won’t run out of them.

The trial of this mass recruitment was featured in season one Project War Coat. This project was funded by Vice Admiral Rampart, and was initially limited to one Elite unit consisting of recruits, then further expanded to the initial recruitment of TK soldiers on the planet Daro. The Defense Recruitment Act is the final expansion of this project and will likely be the start of tThe new era that Palpatine talks about in the first trailer The bad batch season two.

How do the clones feel about being replaced?

The clones in The bad batch are starting to show they don’t like the TK troops. In episode three of The bad batch In season two, the two clones who tell us about the Defense Recruitment Act want it to fail. The reason for this is clear, they don’t want to be replaced. This law further threatens the clones’ position in the Imperial Army. There is also a feeling that a recruited body is not as qualified as the clones and that there will be a loss of institutional capability in the military.

Commander Cody is also a sign of this. Towards the end of the episode, Cody looks around at the TK soldiers arriving on Desix after he and the clones have done the hard work of conquering the planet. His face shows an angry expression, and it’s clear he doesn’t approve of the recruited troops either. He knew the name of one of the clones that died during the raid and now the TK troops are rushing to steal the loot.

How is Commander Cody’s canon story different from his Legends story?

At the end of the episode, Cody shows signs of questioning the Empire. He disobeys an order from Imperial Governor Grotton and warns Crosshair not to become a mindless drone. Cody goes missing at the end of the episode, and Rampart tells Crosshair he went AWOL.

This version of Cody is very different from the one in Star Wars Legends. In this continuity, he remains utterly loyal to the Empire and witnesses the rise of a recruited body and the decline and marginalization of the clones. In 1BBY, Cody is assigned to the Kaminoan cloning facility in Timira City and assigned to an Imperial battalion. To test and test his soldiers, Cody regularly sent them on drills and patrols, only to be bitterly disappointed with the results, especially when compared to clones.

Around the same time he was stationed on Kamino, a Starkiller clone led the rebel assault on the city and managed to destroy the Imperial forces and capture Darth Vader. It is not known if Cody survived this attack.

While this arc is not adapted for Cody in canon, a similar arc is set for Crosshair. Now a dedicated Imperial soldier, he witnessed the rise of a recruited force. As commander of Kamino’s elite squad, he resembles Cody leading the Imperial garrison, particularly due to the rivalry and distrust between the clone and the recruited soldiers.

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