What time will Survivor season 43 episode 5 air? Two castaways in trouble and more to expect from CBS show

survivor Season 43 returns for another wild episode Wednesday, October 19 at 8 p.m. ET, pit tribes against each other to survive another day. The season began with 18 castaways divided into three tribes, Coco, Vesi, and Baka.

Each tribe must work together to win and survive team challenges, along with individual challenges where one person represents the whole group. If they lose the solo challenge, the odds may not be in their favor.

The synopsis of the next episode is:

“Two castaways are caught by another fellow tribesman while opening a ‘cautionary advantage’; one person from each tribe must embark on a journey together where they can risk their vote or play it safe.”

Owen could turn the game in the upcoming episode survivor

In this week’s episode entitled Stop with all the niceness, the playing field is more or less leveled. Each tribe has similar numbers, but they may not have similar strengths, and in war strength counts. In an episode 5 promo, a conversation with Geo infuriates Cassidy. He said:

“You’re not one of us.”

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The promo suggests that Tribe Coco may have seen an internal rift, leaving Cassidy and Karla on one side and Ryan and Geo on the other. In her confessional, Cassidy said:

“They think they have the numbers, but revenge is a dish best served cold.”

The upcoming survivor Episode will feature the season’s highly-anticipated risk-reward twist. At the start of the season, host Jeff Probst eliminated one of the most controversial twists of the season survivor History – the hourglass rotation. The other twist that got ditched was Do or Die, but the Risk/Reward twist found its way into Season 43.

According to the Twist’s rules, each winner must decide to take the risk to gain the benefit but relinquish the reward to the other tribes, or they can take the reward, resulting in their tribe receiving the reward with nothing to do take risk .

In the latest part of the show, Jeanine from Baka, Jesse from Vesi and Geo from Coco are seen going to the summit island for the challenge.

In a confessional, Jesse Siad said:

“I came here to dream big and try. It’s a million dollar game!”

It looks like Vesi is about to play a risky game in Survivor Episode 5. In another clip, Owen reads a note from Beware Advantage and seems exceptionally happy. He said:

“I can mess up some things.”

A shot of Jeanine running through the woods and saying that she sucks follows.

What happened last week survivor?

Last week’s episode entitled show no mercy, which aired October 12, saw Lindsey’s elimination from Tribe Coco. While believing that she was not a target, she made herself one.

In her post-elimination clip, she said that she thought her alliance would stay with her, but that they turned against her. She went on to say that she played her “a** off,” but that it came at a cost. Lindsey waited 22 years to be part of the show and was the 4th person to quit survivor season 43

Tune in to CBS Wednesday, October 19 at 8 p.m. ET to see what happens next on the show.

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